Ghost Story Contest Runner Ups: Alexis Lowe and Heather Estrella

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Alexis Lowe

Ghost Story Contestant

As my mother grew up, the neighborhood children had many ghost stories. Some were made up just to scare one another, and some were the truth. As the tales had spread across the town, my mother, Shelly, was able to contribute to the ghost telling.

One night Shelly was up later than she was supposed to be. She had been reading a book while lying in her bed, but it was getting late and she had finally closed her book.

My mother had then looked up to see a figure at the end of her bed. It appeared to be a small girl faced towards the wall in her bedroom.

The girl’s hands were in front of her face as if she was praying. She was very pale, but not see-through. The little girl had these rosy lips and very blonde hair, almost white you could say.

My mother was terrified, she laid still, holding her breath, and covering half of her face with her blanket. Running through her head, she had no idea what to do. Should she call her parents for help or should she just go to sleep? She had kept pinching herself to make sure she was awake, and for sure she was not dreaming.

At this time she was about 12 years old, old enough to know reality from her imagination. Next thing you know, the little girl had turned towards my mother, with a grin on her face. The next thought running through her head was what if this is the devil in disguise?

The little girl kept staring at her with her piercing blue eyes. The ghost has giggled and turned her back towards my mother and had disappeared. Shelly was frozen, could that have been her guardian angel?

She then stayed up until morning. When she had heard the first step of her parents coming out of their bedroom, she had gone racing right out of her room. Shelly kept hyperventilating trying to tell them would have happened, and they kept brushing it off telling her she just had a bad dream.

Little did they know her siblings had gotten a similar visit. Who was this girl? What was her purpose? Nobody knows exactly, but she became a popular story in that town.

She was never to be seen again, but to this day my mother will never forget that night.

Heather Estrella

Ghost Story Contestant

The tale of Constitution Drive creates curiosity for many in the Lehigh Valley area. Constitution Drive is an unpaved road located in Allentown, Pennsylvania that stretches on top and around a hill with a steep drop to the Lehigh Valley river.

Next to the river are train tracks, which is actually the face of one of the stories. The myth that haunts the road is that a few decades ago, a resident was walking his dogs along the tracks when the train struck him. It is said the train severed his body and he was left there with his dogs watching over him patiently until he finally passed away.

They say in the winter you can see dog footprints in the snow and a person not far along. Although two myths circulate, one has been debunked by people who live on the road.

The other myth that goes around is that Albinos live on the road watching you when and if you dare pass by at night. If you see the group of albinos, they’ll throw stones and terrorize you.

The warning they always say is to watch out for red eyes in the dark forest and hear screams. This was debunked by a homeowner who told the people that the owner before him had several potbelly pigs, which can explain the screams and the red eyes when a light flashes to them.

Although one was debunked, that doesn’t mean you won’t run into the one-legged man and his guard dogs .

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