Student Athletes Open Up About Recruitment and Other Struggles This Semester

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Skyler Wick

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In this day and age, it’s hard to do a lot of things due to the pandemic, especially when it comes to playing a sport.

It is most definitely a sad time for all athletes not being able to do the sport they love.

For most athletes, it is a release and the reason they came to a specific college in the first place.

I spoke to some athletes on the football team on how Covid has affected their season.

ESU has a division two football team with many dedicated players looking to continue their careers after college.

“It’s unfair where all the big schools are playing and I don’t get to have updated film to show my full potential,” said Elias Marte, a sophomore Lineman and sports management major.

“My head space is not there, I’m annoyed and just trying to play but all I
can do is wait for the opportunity to come and be there for my team.”

Its hard coming to the realization that the that there is no sophomore year football for Marte and many other of his teammates.

“Its something that I’ve done my whole life and is the reason I’m at ESU in the first place. I can’t see not having football in my future even if that means coaching, I still want to be involved in the sport I love,” said Jake Cirillo, a junior quarterback and Health and Physed major.

“It gives me more time to get better… it doesn’t really affect me but it does affect the team. Its frustrating, but its important to find the positives out of all this madness.”

The time will come for these players to either get recruited or carry on their legacy in another way after college.

They took away the season but the effort and competition that has been put into previous seasons and themselves as players still has to be present in order to keep a great outlook on a better season ahead.

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