Student Business Spotlight: Boba Beans Café

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Column by Melissa Curran

Student Life Editor

Victoria Nguyen, a recent graduate of the Business Management program, has always had dreams of starting her own business.

“My parents are entrepreneurs so I have been around that type of environment and wanted to create something of my own. I did not think it would take this long or how much paperwork it would be. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and I knew it was going to cost a lot as well as take most of my time. But I still love it and can’t wait for my business to launch one day.”

Although Boba Beans Cafe isn’t fully established yet, Nguyen has big plans.

Nguyen explained that one of her main passions while starting a business is making other people happy with products she makes– products that are fair trade and organic.

“By finding fair trade products it basically means we are giving farmers and their families what they deserve for the products we consume, which is something I stand for. I want to give back to the world during these changing times and if it starts with a small e-commerce business, then this is how it starts.”

After graduating, Nguyen lost feeling as to what she really wanted to do with her degree. After countless job interviews over Zoom, she made the decision to take a job as a barista. Not only is she able to gain income from her current job, she is gaining more job experience so she will be fully prepared to open her own e-commerce cafe.

Boba Beans Cafe will be selling bubble tea, tea, and coffee.

“Originally, I wanted to open up an actual brick and mortar cafe but my vision changed as the world is changing, therefore, I believe going e-commerce is the next best thing for businesses right now. It is still hard to balance work and doing things for my business, but every time I get closer to my end goal of launching my business which keeps me going. Starting a business especially on your own is all based on how much you want it to be a reality, at least for me.”

Keep an eye out for Boba Beans Cafe coming to social media within the next few weeks!

Are you an ESU student and run a small business or know of a student run business on campus? Email Melissa Curran at or send @thestroudcourier on Instagram a message. 

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