Student Mask Style in the Era of Covid-19

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 Aqeelah Dean

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Having to wear masks during the time of Covid-19 has given birth to a new phenomenon.

Before Covid-19, people used to enjoy life without having to wear masks. Now, wearing a mask is incorporated into everyday life. In order to adjust to the current situation some people have found a silver lining in all of this by  using masks as an accessory to their everyday outfits.

Yailin Vazquez, Photo Credit/ Aqeelah Dean

In spite of the masks, students are still expressing themselves when it comes to fashion. They are coordinating their everyday outfits and masks to make an overall cohesive look.

There are some people who wear all types of fun masks to go with their style, but others usually go for a plain one or the standard issued mask.

Melissa Singh, Photo Credit/ Aqeelah Dean

“I have a go to black mask that I pair with my outfits,” said Melissa Singh, a sophomore.

When pairing a mask with an everyday outfit or look, consider opting for one that has a pattern– doing this could be a fun way to add more personality to your outfit.

Nicole Battiston, Photo Credit/ Aqeelah Dean

“Personally I only use the simple blue surgical mask because it’s more breathable,” said student Nicole Battiston.

“Sometimes I notice that the light blue doesn’t match with every outfit, so I bought the black version to help match. The simpler the mask color and pattern the better. Having a flashy, bright mask makes coordinating outfits more difficult.”

Having masks with neutral tones that are simple make it easier to pair it with an outfit.

Seeing that people are using masks as a fashion statement, a lot of fashion brands have created and sold masks. It’s a new market that has boomed since Covid-19 first emerged.

As of now, no one knows when wearing masks will come to an end, but one thing for sure is that students will continue to find new ways to style their masks.

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