Meet the New News Editor: Max Augugliaro

Photo Credit/ Max Augugliaro

Natalie Irula


Soccer enthusiast, gamer, writer and history buff, Max Augugliaro steps up this semester from his position as Assistant News Editor and Police Reporter to News Editor, bringing along his passion for reporting on important and relevant news stories from our backyards to across the world. 

Auguliaro, 22, is a senior History major and English minor from Stroudsburg, PA who hopes to call attention to international news the East Stroudsburg University community should be aware of. 

“I felt a sense of pride when I got the position,” said Augugliaro. “With this being my first leadership position at a university level, I am extremely happy! I also felt kind of nervous, but that comes when adding responsibility to your plate.”

“There is so much going on in the world that is missed because of a lack of local coverage, and I want the Stroud Courier to help shine a light on it,” said Augugliaro. 

In his free time, he follows and plays soccer as well as his favorite video games, Pro Evolution Soccer and Call of Duty. 

“Well ideally, I’d love to spend it playing small, sided games of football with my friends, including at ESU and a local group that I play with, and in the REC Leagues,” Augugliaro said, after being asked about his favorite way to spend a day off. “My team won the championship just before Covid came along.”  

“However, with the pandemic going on, it’s been relegated to playing video games and watching YouTube videos, which I still love to do!”

Augugliaro first took a liking to his major in eighth grade and it grew into a fascination with the ways of the world. 

“Ever since I dropped secondary education from my degree, I’ve wanted to get into writing both History and news stories, so that is why English is my minor,” said Augugliaro. 

“A lot of narratives that we were taught at a young age are not accurate and a lot of stories, we otherwise might never hear. As a result, it is important that we educate ourselves and dive deeper into looking in the past; just so our perspective of history becomes more accurate!”

Augugliaro is also a self-proclaimed introvert who enjoys listening to British rap, jazz, specifically bossa nova, alternative and classic rock and whose go-to guilty pleasure is, “watching shows and videos that are trash.”

He is most looking forward to the end of the pandemic and, “hopefully exploring the world when it does!”

Augugliaro joined The Stroud Courier in the second semester of his junior year. 

“You can bring your voice to a respected publication and be heard!  What else would you want?” said Augugliaro. “If you’re reading this and you’re thinking about writing for the Stroud Courier, do it!”

“Even if you’re just a contributing writer, it can make a profound difference in your life! And if you are interested, we meet every Thursday at 2pm. So, think about it!”

His advice for current students is to, “find the right balance between schoolwork and fun. Also, talk to your professors. It really goes a long way.”

As a whole, The Stroud Courier is proud to welcome our new editorial staff member.

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