The Toxicity of Social Media

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Jordan Patterson

Opinion Editor

Sometimes people get into arguments over something offensive that was said or you get sent a death threat over something silly.

Maybe, someone spoiled a character’s death in one of your favorite tv shows (been there.)

I don’t have much experience with social media because I don’t really have a Twitter or Instagram, but I am well aware of the toxicity that permeates through them.

Ditto for YouTube comments that are full of toxic comments and people posting spoilers for no other reason but to ruin someone’s day.

The reason why things like this are so rampant on these platforms is because they give everyone the benefit of a voice and anonymity.

This allows people to say anything they want due to the fact that they don’t have to face consequences since they can hide behind a screen.

These platforms need to take more responsibility and give out bigger punishments for the violations that occur on their platforms.

Users do have the options to report people for saying certain things or violating certain rules, but I think these companies need to take it a step further to really put a stop to these things.

Sometimes suspending or banning people aren’t enough to really make a change.

Maybe it’s time that these companies start fining people or suing them for offensive comments or intentionally going out of their way to harass people.

These may seem drastic, but the amount of toxicity that takes place on these websites needs to be controlled and if involving financial punishments can make a difference then I think that is a step that needs to be taken.

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