Will Snow Days Be a Casualty of the Pandemic?

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Lynne McGee

Staff Writer

Are snow days completely gone? 

As everyone manages the next online semester, one thing not talked about are snow days. 

In recent weeks the tri-state area has been hit hard with major snowstorms.

In a regular semester, students are thrilled with the possibility of a day off. 

Though, it doesn’t seem as though the old habit holds up.

Instead, with all classes being virtual students are now still required to attend classes even if the university itself is closed. 

So, are snow days a thing of the past? 

If any class can immediately turn virtual, what happens when students return next semester? 

Some students are frustrated about the recent loss of snow days. 

“They are something every student loved. In my opinion, I don’t think they should completely throw away snow days. Not this semester or any upcoming,” said junior Adrian Torres. 

“I don’t think it is completely fair to get rid of them completely.” 

Is it fair to students? 

He expressed the confusion from last week when all students received an email that campus had closed for the day, though virtual classes remained. 

This is another “new normal” college students are facing. The pandemic is creating new changes not everyone likes. 

How will the upcoming fall semester transpire? 

When asking students whether they’d like to keep their snow days or use them to at the end of the semester to cut it short, there were many mixed opinions. 

Some students aren’t sure about the recent changes, and freshmen Haley Adler voiced her opinion on the topic. 

“I don’t know if it is about fairness, but it is weird. A part of me wants those random days off to take a quick breather,” Adler said. “Though, finishing the semester earlier could be better in some cases.” 

Alder stated that maybe it is for the best, the possibility that ESU could instead use these extra days to end the semester early left her hopeful. 

In recent weeks the tri-state area has been hit heavily by snow and ice creating hazardous conditions. 

Since all classes are virtual, is it wrong to expect a snow day when it doesn’t technically change a student’s class day? 

When asking junior Ashley Bagenski her opinion on the cancellation of snow days, she offered a different view. 

“For someone now being home, a snow day is a lot more than just a day off. A lot of students and professors now have to shovel,” Bagenski stated. 

“It ends up becoming a long day when you have class all day and then shoveling after. That day off isn’t a day off, but it does help. For that alone, it does seem a little unfair for students and staff.” 

Bagenski spoke on the added work snow brings since moving home for some. It now adds on an extra job beyond regular classes for students and faculty. 

The pandemic has caused added struggles to the online semester. Students and faculty are facing another hurdle as more snow is expected. 

Though, what will happen next semester? 

Will ESU continue this new rule once students return to campus in the fall? 

It is a question on everyone’s mind as more snow is to come. Will ESU use these extra days to now shave of days at the end of the semester? 

Nothing has been stated yet, though students are hopeful in the end.

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