Biden and Harris’s Inauguration: Can Unity Prevail in our Divided States?

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Helen Bradley

Staff Writer

Jan. 21 was supposed to be a historic day.

After a prolonged election season, the country looked to the Presidential Inauguration.

As country officials and leaders streamed down the stairs of the Capitol, the ladies of Washington and their choice of the color purple stole the show.

Michelle Obama walked out in a magenta-colored turtle neck and pants with a matching coat, pulled altogether with a large gold belt.

Hilary Clinton donned a purple pantsuit and topped it off with a maroon coat.

Dr. Jill Biden took on a violet ensemble and most importantly, Vice-President Kamala Harris shone brightly in her jewel-toned coat and dress.

Yet, purple was more than just a random color selection as Town and Country Magazine keyed in on. It was embodied with symbolism; that together red and blue create purple.

A call for unity amidst a past week of riots and skepticism.

The color purple was just the beginning for the call for unity, as Vice-President Harris and President Biden both emphasized hope and the prevalence of democracy.

As President Biden said in his speech, “the American story depends not on any one of us, not on some of us, but on all of us.”

While the world sat listening to President Biden’s words of hope, security was on high alert considering the capital riot just a week before.

Yet, the event went on without a hitch and even made quite the buzz on social media with Senator Bernie Sanders’ authentic clothing choice and comfortable sitting style becoming a viral meme within hours of the event.

Despite, Senator Sanders’ look of distaste, ABC News reported Sanders to be happy with President Biden’s job at “striking the right themes.”

Before we knew it, the ceremony was over and President Biden along with Vice-President Harris immediately set off to the White House Oval Office to begin their work as leaders of the United States of America.

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