Prioritizing Student Mental Health

Photo Credit/ Flickr

Jordan Patterson

Opinion Editor

2020 was a rough year for everyone.

Between the pandemic, the riots, and everyone being stuck at home, it surely took it’s toll on a lot of people’s mental health.

Whether it was the year of 2020 that hurt your mental health or something else entirely, it’s time that you take steps towards getting yourself in a good place.

Mental health has gotten a lot of buzz and attention in recent times and there’s a good reason for that.

Being able to live a happy life is important, in fact it’s the most important thing there is.

If something is holding you back from being happy then it’s important to either cut that thing out of your life or find a solution that helps you get to where you need to be.

It’s okay to be selfish every once in a while if something is affecting you mentally and holding you back from being happy.

You should always prioritize your mental health because, no matter what, your the only one who can live your life and no one should ever have to settle for an unhappy life.

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