Rihanna Faces Backlash after Condemning Indian Government on Twitter

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International superstar Rihanna has been attacked by Indian nationalists for speaking out against the Indian Government.

A recent tweet that the pop star posted on Feb 2nd, 2021 at 10:29 A.M. drew attention to the defunding and rather debarring of the farmers movement that turned into a globalized issue by the police and descended into a violent riot rather than a peaceful one.

Rhianna being only concerned with the matter at hand got seriously objectified from pro-government news channels in New Delhi indicating that she only wanted India to be “divided” more than it already is.

According to BBC News, “Nationalist trolls pulled out old images of the singer’s assault by her ex-boyfriend, heaping misogynistic abuse on her. Some pointed out the problematic way some Indian men resort to abuse to shut down women with contrarian and independent opinions.”

More information pertaining to the Bollywood singer states that “But one of the most shocking outpourings against the singer came from Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, a vocal supporter of the BJP.

In a series of tweets, she criticized Rihanna’s work, her music, her appearance, even her skin color. She posted photos of the pop star in a bikini, called her a “porn star” and a “porn singer”, and insinuated that she had been paid for the tweet.”

The large farmers movement, brought on by the protesting farmers, has led to the New Delhi border patrol retracting access to mobile internet at protest sites.

The protests themselves are for proving to the Indian Government that the new agricultural laws that will be implemented can lead them to minimal resources towards farmers which will de-modernize farming in India as we know it. 

USA also mentions “Their largely peaceful protests turned violent on Jan. 26, India’s Republic Day, when a section of the tens of thousands of farmers riding tractors veered from a police pre-established protest route and stormed the 17th century Red Fort in a dramatic escalation.

Hundreds of police officers were injured and a protester died. Scores of farmers were also injured but officials have not given their numbers.”

 For this protest alone and the way that the violent acts reflected on the farmers of New Delhi, the government proposed suspending the laws for 18 months which will therefore reprimand the farmers’ needs at hand.

Rhianna’s tweet may have led to backlash from many Indians but it’s those who read her tweet who ask themselves, “Is India’s response to this social media post over the top and only an act of hate speech?”

Rhianna’s tweet did nothing but seek global attention to the protesting farmers movement. “It took just one tweet from Rhianna to anger the Indian government and supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party”, says USA today.

The way that Rhianna has contributed in many parts of our society over the years makes this article a waste of time to read. She is in the right no matter how much backlash was geared towards her.

With the constant music put out every week in the early 2000s and late 2010’s, The Believe Foundation she created at age 18, her line of lingerie “Savage X Fenty” and the list goes on. Rhianna has always been an inspirational being who only seeks to help people for the greater good.

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