Marvel’s “WandaVision” Encourages Connection Among Viewers

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Brianna Gountis

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The Marvel Studios’ television show “WandaVision” premiered on Disney Plus in January 2021, with new episodes available to stream every Friday. The series’ finale is scheduled to air on March 5.

For the last seven weeks, my family has carved a chunk out of the day to sit and watch the show together.

For 30 minutes, we would watch Avengers Wanda Maximoff and Vision living rather mundane lives in picturesque Westview, a town where literally everything seems straight out of an old sitcom.

The show became a welcome relief from the zoom calls, homework, and reality of the pandemic happening around us.

In Westview, everything seems under complete control, and that control is something that I think all of us have longed for lately.

Trouble is usually found within the Marvel Universe, and of course the show was no exception. However, even fictional troubles can be welcome distractions to real life.

Not only is the show a great form of escapism, but it has also captivated its audience with elements of mystery. The Marvel franchise is known for its easter eggs, and the show contains several.

Online message boards, podcasts, and Twitter all circulate new Marvel theories each week and every scene is pulled apart for clues.

Sharing theories and memes, while collectively discussing the show as a group, is a form of connection that we are all craving right now.

There’s no doubt that “WandaVision” is creating a setup for future Marvel crossovers and plot lines, but it’s still an interesting series on its own, full of twists and turns.

Occasionally, I find myself rolling my eyes at the blatant set-ups that occur for the sole purpose of future Marvel content; however, something about the show keeps me coming back week after week.

Perhaps it’s the flawless performances of Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda, Paul Bettany as Vision, and Kat Dennings as agent Darcy Lewis. They portray characters that are familiar to the audience, but that viewers are able to connect with and understand in new ways.

The show is a mix of happy nostalgia from old sitcoms juxtaposed with the real and raw emotions of Wanda’s grief and loss. Viewers can feel the emotion and pain through the screen.

Over the course of the series, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and I’ve gasped in shock. Every week there are twists and turns, but there is also a very deep and real connection to the characters.

I am honestly not a huge Marvel fan, and generally know little about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the show was something that was easy to understand, even without the background knowledge from the movies. 

I think the series was strategically created to entice new viewers into the Marvel audience. It invited everyone to take a glimpse into the Marvel Universe, and by using easter eggs and intriguing backstories, it sparked a desire to consume more Marvel content.

“WandaVision” has been a huge success and its conclusion is sure to be an exciting one that will significantly impact the future of the Marvel Universe as we know it.

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