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Jazmin Cole

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Let’s talk about sex. 

More specifically casual sex and hooking up. 

This might cause a few wide-eyed blushes, some might be looking around to make sure that no one is reading this over their shoulder, or one can be unabashedly reading this. 

Either way, all of the above are okay because what matters is you are reading this. This topic is important and we have to be comfortable talking about it. 

Let’s be real, sex is great. 

Everyone has a different definition of what they consider sex and that is okay too. 

There are so many opinions about whether hooking up is good or bad and personally, I think that this controversial topic has both pros and cons. 

Realistically, there is no definite answer to whether or not hooking up is beneficial or causes problems. To be honest, there is no way to tell as everyone will have their own experiences. No matter how similar, every situation is different. 

Before we dive into this conversation, let’s get something else clear, having casual sex does not make you “passed around” or an “f-boy.” And not having casual sex does not make you “prude” either. You do what makes you happy, period. 

Now, as stated before, casual sex can have its pros and cons. 

Today, it has become slightly more socially acceptable to have regular hookups and a number of sexual partners and this is a pro. 

As a society, this means some of us have adopted or developed a more open-minded, progressive way of thinking.

Having different partners through casual sex might help you discover what you like and do not like. 

Different people are into different things, so as long as proper consent is given and boundaries are discussed, explore away. 

Another pro of hooking up and well, sex in general, as we all know relieves stress. 

College is hard, and so is life. So, if having casual sex relieves some of the stress that comes with them then go for it; your mental health will thank you. 

Although sex is not a solution for everything, so keep that in mind. If you need help dealing with something real, try to get help. Do not try to suppress real issues with sex.

As great as casual sex can be, there are some cons to it. 

It can relieve stress, and it can just as well cause it. 

Sharing intimate moments with someone else can be nerve-wracking and you do not want to give yourself anxiety just to have sex. 

Your mental health is much more important and in a moment of intimacy, you will want to feel comfortable and safe. 

Personally, I am a firm believer in sex being much more than physical. It connects you and your partner on an intimate level and you give a piece of yourself away to whomever you are with. 

It can be beneficial to get to know whoever you want to sleep with before you actually do. Think of it as an extra precaution. 

If you are going to give a piece of yourself away, you might want to make sure that person is worthy. 

No need to go in-depth, form a bond, or build a relationship, especially if an emotional connection is not what you are after. Just feeling the other person out might make things a bit smoother and easier.

Another con to casual sex is the very high chance of STIs and pregnancy. 

I have come across my fair share of people who enjoy hooking up but do not practice safe sex. If you cannot practice safe sex, then maybe casual sex is not for you. 

No matter what your sexual orientation is, using some form of contraception is vital. STIs can cause major health issues, so regular testing is also necessary to keep you and your partners safe. 

Casual sex is perfectly fine as long as the situation is healthy, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. No one should feel ashamed of embracing their sexuality as it is one of the best ways to learn about yourself. 

However, it is not for everyone which again, is something no one should feel ashamed about either. Some people prefer to be in a relationship for sex to happen. 

Even if you are not in a relationship and not having casual sex there are plenty of other ways to embrace your sexuality. 

Whatever you choose to do, protect and take care of yourself in every way.

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