Will There Be a Commencement Ceremony For ’20 and ’21 Graduates?

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Lynne Mcgee

Staff Writer

The year of 2020, the year of no graduations.

Since Covid-19 began, graduations had to be put on hold.

Though students understand why, it did not make the announcement of a canceled graduation any easier.

This year, that all changes.

As ESU announced the anticipation of commencement this upcoming Spring.

It will include students from the graduating class of 2020 as well.

Commencement is planning to take place at Eiler-Martain Stadium, allowing family members to come.

Each student will receive two tickets for family members, and times are listed online.

Yet, many people have mixed opinions about the upcoming commencement.

“I’m stuck on it,” said senior Catelynn Heimerstein.

“A part of me wants that experience I’ve worked so hard for. On another hand I’m nervous about Covid still. Do I want to risk it? Or my family?”

My students are nervous about upcoming commencement ceremonies for a variety of reasons.

Students are wondering how safe commencement may be with Covid.

ESU has yet to release just how graduation may be structured. However, spoke that commencement is if health guidelines, such as large gatherings, are prohibited.

The dates are subjected to change.

As of today, health guidelines are still in up to date. Though, with the recent increase in cases due to Spring break students are wary, but hopeful.

When asking Alumni Matthew Manning about the invitation for students from last year’s graduating class, he spoke of excitement.

“I think it’s great to invite last year’s class. It was something so special we all missed, something every college student deserves. It is something I feel like I missed out on and I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

Commencement is an important occasion every college student has worked so hard for. ESU is trying to provide that for all.

Alumni are considering this as an honor to be allowed a graduation. Many are excited for the opportunity even though a year has passed.

ESU is trying to provide the option of graduation for all missed graduations due to Covid-19.

It is still unknown if commencement will occur, but students are prepared for both.

Some students are excited for the opportunity, as others are cautious on the next step.

“It is now preference, if it is safe, I’d love to have graduation. If it isn’t, at least we are being safe through a virtual one,” said senior Jenna Herron. “Even outdoors, it is scary to think about sitting so close, and what about family?”

Students are anxious to see what may happen as the last month of the semester begins.

Some are torn between attending or resuming with a virtual graduation.

It had been a crazy year since the start of Covid-19. Students are excited to see some “normalness” back in life as graduation may occur.

Though, it is still unknown whether or not graduation is happening. As for now, ESU is planning to have them.

ESU is providing daily updates on commencement and has provided contact information for anyone with questions.

All information and contact information may be found on the ESU website.

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