‘Black Ops Cold War’ and ‘Warzone’: What’s New in Season Two?

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Max Augugliaro

News Editor

The Call of Duty franchise released season two for two of its games, “Black Ops Cold War” and “Warzone” on Feb. 24.

According to the blogpost, the new season will see the introduction of new playable characters, maps, weapons, and modes. 

At the end of the previous season, the game’s protagonist and CIA agent, Russel Adler, was captured by Vikhor “Stitch” Kuzmin, a Soviet rogue cell who lost an eye as a result of an interrogation lead by Adler. 

Season two starts off with a team of CIA agents, led by longtime series character Frank Woods, flying to Laos in search of Adler. 

According to a blogpost on Call of Duty’s website, intel led the team to a contraband trafficking route in Laos, by Kapano “Naga” Vang, a accomplish of Stitch.  That is where the story ends for now. 

Season two sees the addition of four new maps. 

One map, Apocalypse, takes place on a compound in Laos, and contains tunnels, shooting ledges, and a bunch of other surprises sprinkled through the map.  Golova, set in a village located in Ural, Russia, looks set to become the stage of various multiple team games soon. 

Mansion, a small map set in Havana, Cuba, will host small-sided games of both Gunfight and Faceoff. 

Finally, Miami Strike will bring players to a smaller side of a previously introduced map, Miami, for a six versus six fight in the shining sunlight of South Florida. 

Only Apocalypse was released at the start of the season, while Golova can be played through a new mode, “Outbreak.” 

Mansion and Miami Strike have yet to be released as of the writing of this article. 

New playable characters introduced this season include Naga, who’s on the Warsaw Pact, elite Delta Force sniper and search team member, Terrell Wolf, Nicaraguan cartel resistance fighter and search team member, Karla Rivas, and notable “Black Ops Zombies” character and German Requiem agent, Samantha Maxis. 

Of the four new characters, Naga was released on the launch of season two, Rivas and Maxis were released earlier in the season, and Wolf has yet to be released as of the writing of this article. 

New firearms to come this season include the assault rifle FARA 83, the small machine gun LC10, the crossbow R1 Shadowhunter, and the sniper ZRG 20mm. 

Both the FARA 83 and the LC10 can be obtained through the battle pass, while the other firearms can be acquired through completing challenges, or purchasing bundles containing them. 

The Deathmachine, a large machine gun that straps to your arms like a backpack, was added as a score streak. 

New melee weapons this season include the machete, and the shovel, E-Tool.  Both can be acquired through completing challenges and purchasing bundles. Final new additions for the season include the new game modes. 

In “Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer,” this includes gun game, a mode where your weapon automatically upgrades after every kill, Stockpile, a mode where you have to collect dog tags of those you have killed and deposit them at a designated zone, and Multi-team Hardpoint, where teams of four compete to hold designated points throughout the larger maps. 

In “Warzone,” this includes Exfiltration, where a team can win by successfully keeping hold of an exfiltration radio, and Rebirth Island Resurgence Extreme, where squad members can respond if their squad is still alive by a certain number of times. 

“Warzone” also saw the addition of a new location in Verdansk called Shipwreck. 

At the start of the season, both games had access to a new zombies mode called “Outbreak,” where you go across multiple maps fighting zombies and completing objectives. 

As of the recording of this video, this mode is now only available in “Black Ops Cold War.” 

If you want to see more information about season two in both “Black Ops Cold War” and “Warzone,” visit the Call of Duty website.

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