Our Interim Admissions Director: Is a Sketchy Background Worth the Risk?

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Natalie Irula


The admissions department, from a student’s perspective, is the face of a university.

It is the first relationship students have with their prospective school, it is a deciding factor when choosing schools and, if and when they have chosen, it is a continuous source of support and information for at least the first year as a new student.

Regardless of whether or not an admissions staff member is in an interim position, they are still affecting hundreds of students.

For all of those reasons, the Admissions Director is a fundamentally important position and whoever holds the position should be held to a high level of scrutiny.

As we all know, word of mouth isn’t enough to convict someone. It isn’t enough to prove anything.

However, there is still a judgement. There is still an impression that is lasting.

For that reason, we have job interviews…so that you can see the way someone carries themselves, the way they speak and the way they think.

For that reason, we contact refrences…so that you can get an idea of the type of person they might be. So you can get a more of a well-rounded understanding of this person’s past experiences.

A person’s past doesn’t mean their future is written, but it does have an effect on it and it can give us direction as to what to expect.

People’s word isn’t gold, but it does carry the weight of their impression.

With a position as delicate as an admissions director for a full year, I would say a tumultuous, murky past is worth looking into.

It is worth looking at the experiences of multiple people from colleges and universities across the country. Especially when these experiences continuously highlight the same patterns.

Check back soon for an in-depth interview from several past co-workers of our Interim Admissions Director, Alberto Colom, who speak to their experiences with him and lay out the story-line for a decades long conflict across state lines.

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