Rapper Lil Nas X and His Controversial Trip to Hell

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Brianna Gountis

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Lil Nas X is a rapper, singer and songwriter who has become one of the most talked about pop stars in these last few years.

His song Old Town Road launched him into fame in 2019, and he has become a controversial figure.

Being an openly gay Black man has opened him up to controversy. His newest song and music video have caused the most recent stir in pop culture.

The song, “MONTERO (Call me by your name)” portrays a relationship between two men.

The song makes biblical reference in the line “Only here to sin/ if Eve ain’t in your garden you know you can/ call me”.

The biggest source of the controversy comes from the song’s music video. The video features Lil Nas riding a stripper pole down to hell where he gives the devil a lap dance.

The intention for the video was to flip the script on those who say that gay people are going to hell. It shows Lil Nas comfortable in his sexuality.

Of course this sparked controversy in the media. Some claim that the video is inappropriate, and others have said they were offended by the portrayal of hell and the devil.

Lil Nas has responded to the negative feedback on this Twitter page. He tweeted that “Y’all love saying we going to hell but get upset when I actually go there.”

He also opened up about the effects of the extreme backlash he is facing. “I’ll be honest all this is putting an emotional toll on me” he tweeted, “my anxiety is higher than ever.”

He has received hate from conservative spokespeople and politicians all over twitter but has continued to stick to his beliefs and his purpose for the song and video.

In conjunction with the song release Lil Nas also released limited edition sneakers in a collaboration with streetwear company MSCHF. The sneakers featured a pentagram and only 666 pairs were sold. Each pair of shoes was said to contain one drop of human blood.

The so-called “satan shoes” sold out in under 60-seconds at $1,018 a pair. The shoes were a modified model of Nike sneakers, and Nike was not too happy with the controversial nature of the product.

Nike has since had the sneakers pulled and those who purchased them will not receive the item.

Lil Nas has expressed his disappointment in having the shoes cancelled on his Twitter and TikTok accounts and has also posted an apology video for the shoes.

Controversy is common in the music industry and Lil Nas is trying to take a stand with his art.

He has embraced the conversation around the song.  He tweeted urging those that are mad about the song to “feel the same anger you teach us to have towards ourselves.”

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