The Duality of Tik Tok: When Humor and Education Come Together

Photo Credit/Flickr

Brianna Gountis

Contributing Writer

TikTok has become one of the most famous social media platforms in the world.

Users spend hours scrolling through short and fun videos on every topic imaginable.

TikTok content ranges from trendy dances, skit comedy, and weird challenge videos to educational videos on topics such as race, culture, nutrition, and more.

While I do enjoy the hilariously bizarre humor of some TikTok videos, I also found that the app was teaching me things I had never heard of previously.

The beauty of TikTok is the diversity found among its creators and how willing they are to share their lives and knowledge with the public.

While some content is sponsored, there is a large portion of creators and videos that share true and honest thoughts and perspectives.

Numerous doctors, teachers, nutritionists, and advocates use TikTok as a platform to promote their fields and share useful information.

TikTok itself has been testing a Learn tab that features how-to videos as well as popular educational videos.

The Learn feature is still in testing; however, educational and instructional videos are still currently scattered all over the app.

Many of the popular and most-watched creators are people of color, LGBTQ+ advocates, and educators.

A large majority of content creators gladly respond to comments and interact with their followers.

A number of doctors have joined TikTok to fight myths about the COVID-19 virus and vaccines, and many nutritionists and advocates also use the platform to provide healthy and realistic body goals and standards.

Personally, I have learned a lot about skincare, small bits of sign language, and a ton of information about new cultures, all by scrolling through my For You Page on the app. 

The TikTok format also promotes learning through its brief clip length requirements. All videos are 60 seconds or less, and this causes the creator to simplify explanations into shorter clips.

In addition, the short form allows for larger amounts of content to be absorbed in shorter periods.

While TikTok may kill productivity and be a convenient excuse for delaying homework, it is also shaping thoughts and perspectives, while providing new and simplified information.

Somewhere in the mixture of mindless scrolling there are lessons and information that stick with the user throughout the day.

The other side of TikTok is the humor. Creators who post hilarious skits or even just simple jokes have also accrued larger followings.

This type of content may not provide information or education, but it provides a good laugh and a moment of joy.

Not everything that people consume needs to be useful, and it is necessary to find the humor in life, now more than ever.

TikTok is a very diverse platform with a huge range of content. Both sides of the coin are valuable, just in different ways, and it is easy to follow and customize your feed to see the content you desire.

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