ESU’s Plan for On-Campus Commencement This Year

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As of today, ESU plans to have an on-campus commencement, with a few regulations to follow.

There are only a couple of weeks left of the semester and graduation is set to occur.

Students are buzzing about commencement. Following finals, graduation ceremonies begin that Friday, May 7, for most.

Emails to students had been sent out to RSVP, and tickets are arriving as soon as this week.

Though, this graduation may look a bit different than before.

Following this previous article, a few more regulations have been addressed.

Covid-19 is causing changes to commencement as ESU must follow CDC guidelines.

When asking students about the changes for upcoming graduation, senior Elizabeth Nissin spoke with excitement.

“We expected changes. There are some things we can’t do because of Covid-19, but at least
we’re having graduation at all,” Nissin said.

“No one likes wearing a mask for hours at a time, but it’s for something important.”

It was only back in March that students from present and previous learned that commencement might happen.

It is now confirmed that commencement is going to happen at Eiler-Martain Stadium.

Though, there will be changes to this year’s layout. Instead of being offered up to five tickets, only two are provided to each student.

Other rules include no heels will be permitted on the track or field turf.

In general, students do not seem to mind the change at all.

“It feels like a small price to pay to be able to graduate. That is fine by me, I’m excited to take part in what I’ve worked so hard for these past four years,” said senior McKayla Doughty.

“I appreciate the fact ESU is giving us this opportunity because not all colleges are.”

Since last year, graduations nationwide have been put on hold due to safety concerns.

With spacing on the fields, as well as in the stands ESU is confident on a safe commencement.

Everyone in attendance, both on the field and in the bleachers, must always wear a mask.

ESU is providing a safe way for students to celebrate their accomplishments.

However, some students are still cautious about graduation.

The option was given to attend or not and a form was sent via email for students to choose whether to attend.

ESU found a safe way to help students experience graduation even in troubling times.

“I’m excited to be back to something normal. It may not be completely the same, but close
enough during this time,” stated senior James Anderson.

“We’re headed in the right direction for everything going on. Compared to this time last year, things are better. ESU is caring for their students.”

Students are ecstatic about upcoming commencement. There are only three weeks left in the spring semester.

ESU is seemingly very preparing for a safe commencement for all.

As a small surprise, ESU has provided a customized zipper that each student should wear on
their gown.
It signifies students’ transition from student to alumni.

This graduation may look a little different from previous years, but is still just as important.

ESU is trying the best to provide a “normal” commencement during this time. Students are
excited for the opportunity after working so hard.

This past year has not been easy for college students, though better days are coming.

Congratulations, seniors!

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