Hartman Jerk Center: The New and Delicious Jamaican Place on Main

Photo Credit/ Lynne McGee

Lynne McGee

Staff Writer

Though many restaurants have suffered during the pandemic, Main Street is thriving with new life.

Want something new and tasty? Welcome to Hartman Jerk Center, one of the many new restaurants seen decorating Main Street!

Hartman Jerk Center is only about a month old and ready to help take over Stroudsburg.

It is the perfect spot to get out of your comfort zone with Jamaican food.

Their yellow sign brightens up a small portion of Main Street drawing attention all over.

Hopefully, with the influx of students next semester, this small business will boom.

Though with a smaller inside, this business does not falter with food.

Hartman’s brings new flavors to the table with inexpensive prices.

My first time there, I was clueless on what to get. This was unlike anything I have ever had

They were able to help steer me in the right direction with a smile. The staff are super helpful, and sweet to each person that comes in.

In my visit, I had oxtail and mac and cheese… I know what you’re thinking, oxtail? Really?


My meal was rich and flavorful, and had the same taste as short rib. It was something new I had never thought to try.

It will be something I get again, hopefully soon.

A friend of mine had the chicken roti, in which the only thing he had to say was how delicious it was, describing it as comfort food, very authentic and not something seen typical in East Stroudsburg.

It brought spicy undertones that were not overbearing, but gave a new rendition on how spice is perceived.

Both of us really enjoyed our meals, and the service was unmatched.

Hartman’s is something previously unseen in the East Stroudsburg community and I believe people are excited about new opportunities coming to the area.

Their menu offered a variety of different options for everyone.

This small “hole in the wall” spot packs big flavors nowhere else can.

Open later on the weekends, this flavorful food is the perfect bite before a night on Main Street.

Hartman’s is a perfect spot for an on-the-go college student.

For now, they are open for dine-in and as well as for delivery. They deliver themselves and through Doordash and UberEats.

This is a business I believe will survive the tough times of the pandemic.

When college students are back on campus, this business will thrive!

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  1. It’s unfortunate that the East Stroudsburg/Stroudsburg area has yet to have a Caribbean Restaurant that offers authentic and mouth wateringly delicious jerk chicken. Island Delight comes close, but still can’t touch the essence of jerk chicken. As for this new spot, Hartman Jerk Center, it totally misses the mark. The chicken we sampled was dry and unappetizing and the host server attempted to serve us what Jamaican comedian Oliver Samuels labeled, “riciforum bunbunerum” otherwise known as burnt rice and peas. While Oliver serves up hilarious jokes, getting poor customer service, dry chicken and burnt rice is absolutely not a joke when you’re buying food. Hopefully the manager finds better workers who take pride in how they treat customers and the quality of food they are serving, so the restaurant will thrive. Till then, I’ll cook my family’s Jamaican foods at home or drive the hour and a half to New York to fill my palate with truly Irie Jerk Chicken, because when you know, chat bout – you know!

  2. Well this is in reply to Altheas comment on the Hartman Jerk center. Personally I really dont know what happened to you when you went into that business. But my experience was just the opposite! I’ve yet to see a Resturant in the area pile on the rice and peas and the food like them. I REALLY got my money’s worth and the food was delicious hands down! I had escovitch fish the first time I went there and the next time I had their oxtails and both meals was amazing. I plan to always go there it’s a breath of fresh air in the area. I think people are going to love them and I think they’ll be around a very long time. BIG UP Yaad food! One Love

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