David Dobrik #Cancelled As He and His ‘Vlog Squad’ Face Accusations

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Brianna Gountis

Staff Writer

YouTube stars David Dobrik and a member of his “Vlog Squad” Durte Dom face serious allegations and the consequences as people speak out against them.

Dom has already faced two sexual assault allegations in 2017, but was not removed from the squad until 2019.

Dobrik has received backlash for continuing to give Dom a platform in his group and for continuing to make light of serious matters, such as sexual assault allegation, on his channel.

Dom’s two victims both claimed that he took advantage of them while they were drunk and underage, and that he and the squad had provided them with the alcohol.

Dobrik was also accused by the second victim, who claimed that she was assaulted as part of a vlog video that was eventually removed at her request.

 The video included a three-some bit with two underage girls and Dom. Dobrik was involved in the filming, planning and posting of the videos.

Although these incidents were first addressed in 2017, they have recently resurfaced in light of other claims and grievances with Dobrik and his squad.

Other former members of the Vlog Squad have taken the opportunity to speak out about the way Dobrik operates and the toxic environment of the group.

Many say that Dobrik pressured them into acts and videos that made them uncomfortable, and told them he would stop making videos with them if they refused.

Seth Francois claimed he was kissed by another male member of the group without consent as part of a prank video, and that it had harmed his mental health.

Trisha Paytas, BigNik and many others who worked with Dobrik have taken to Twitter to recount bad experiences and emphasize the harm that he and his videos can cause.

As the leader of the group, Dobrik has taken the brunt of the consequences for their actions. He lost more than 300,000 YouTube subscribers and has also lost numerous sponsorships since the scandal began, and his apologies did more harm than good.

His first apology video, ironically titled “Let’s Talk,” did not allow for user comments or dislikes, and was 3 minutes of vague and indirect apologies and excuses. The video sparked his largest drop in followers.

He has issued other apology videos, but the more he tries, the more insincere it sounds, and he has yet to truly repair his reputation.

Other members, such as Durte Dom, have also seen a drop in followers following all of the drama, but Dobrik seems to have taken the most damage.

Dobrik is still at the top of the YouTube game with over 18.4 million followers despite his losses, and his videos continue to perform well.

Dobrik has not posted any new content to YouTube since his last apology over a month ago, and it is unclear whether he will continue to create for his channel.

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