Our Women’s Lacrosse Team’s Recent Rankings

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So far, the ESU women’s lacrosse team have won all games except for two.

Teams the girls have beat include Frostburg, Millersville and Bloomsburg.

The girls have done a tremendous job staying on top of reaching the end goal, which is to win the championship.

The only two lost games this season are both against West Chester.

The team has been stronger than ever this season.

According to The Pocono Record, “The Warriors are listed at No. 8 in the US Lacrosse Magazine Division II preseason poll.”

There are only a few games left in this season before the PSAC Quarterfinals and so on.

The girls hope to make it and win it all at the championship.

One girl on the team named Haley Adam, who plays as an attacker and is a sophomore Physical and Health Education Major, spoke out on what it meant to come back and have the chance at a season after a long, unexpected hiatus.

After not being able to come back to the sport Haley loves, her favorite part of coming back, she said, is “surrounding myself with [her] best friends again.”

“Being without them for so long was really hard because you go from seeing them everyday to not seeing them in months. It was super hard on all of us but it taught us to never take advantage of anything and live in the moment.”

Haley also said about her team, “We are definitely stronger as a team now because we all know that the season can be taken from us at any point so we all leave it out on the field and work as a hard as we can to reach our goal which is winning the national championship.”

Being currently known as the Number 2 Atlantic Division 2 school in Pennsylvania wasn’t easy to achieve but these girls have only gotten better with time.

The team had won the NCAA DII Atlantic Region title to advance to the national semifinals in 2018 and won their first PSAC championship the year before in 2017.

It makes you wonder what the dynamic is like on the team when being such a high ranked Division 2 school.

“As a team we do not pay attention to what division we are. The only thing that matters to us is that we are all there for the same reason, to win a championship,” Haley said, and seems to be living up to her word as the girls get closer and closer to the championship with high heads and high stats!

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