FXX’s ‘You’re the Worst’ is Definitely Worth the Watch

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Skyler Wick 

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​“You’re the Worst” is an FXX original expertly challenges the typical romantic comedy trope through situational humor and is considered a romantic comedy.  

Putting that label on this show is a far stretch considering the two main characters, Gretchen (played by Aya Cash) who is a publicist for a young rapper named Sam, and Jimmy (played by Chris Geere) who is an undermined novelist try their best not to seek out that four-letter word.  

The world that Jimmy lives in is so different from Gretchen’s but yet their differences and twisted ways about themselves make them “compatible.” 

The beginning credit includes the theme song with  lyrics saying, “I’m gonna leave you anyway, I’m gonna leave you anyway, I’m gonna leave you anyway.”  

Which, right off the bat, makes you believe that this couple is truly destined for the worst to come.  

This show captures all the ups and downs and miscommunications that come along in what we as human beings think is a great relationship when in reality, nobody and no relationship is perfect.  

This, what you may also call, the sitcom is loaded with weird characters that bend the plot and somehow these characters make Gretchen and Jimmy’s lack of empathy less noticed.  

Jimmy’s roommate who is an ex-war veteran, Edgar struggles with his ability to cope with PTSD, finding love and the all but bitter truth of not knowing what to do with his life. 

Meanwhile, while Gretchen’s best friend and hopeless friend Lindsay takes on the struggle of being a bored housewife which includes thoughts of wanting to eat her feelings away, avoid responsibility in any adult situation and be single with no consequences.  

These characters I would consider to be very much round characters don’t compare to the main characters Gretchen and Jimmy who are the highlight of the show’s dysfunctional story.  

At the moment, I am currently just starting season three and have two more seasons to go (five seasons in total for the show) and cannot stop watching it! 

Even though waiting around to get to my to-do list and bringing this show doesn’t sound right, this show is so unequivocally original and includes a lot of elements to it that will make you agree with my understanding of it.   

Gretchen deals with clinical depression and you see that affecting her decision on things, Jimmy’s narcissistic and utter ways about how he has to be right about everything also takes over his ability to be far from a good person.  

Also, not to mention the way they live in Los Angeles in Jimmy’s gorgeous house seems all good to be true.  

Even so, an even bigger element that relates so well to millennials everywhere is how the couple is indefinitely in a “hook up only”  type of relationship, at first anyway.  

This show speaks to those wanting to break the norm of having a label and just go with it, not having to worry about the fear and emotions of where a real relationship might go.  

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