NACC Transfer Students are Happy To Be Here Following the Pandemic 

Photo Credit/ David Colon

Alex Getz 

Contributing Writer 

Yet another school year has begun, bringing with it both returning and new students alike.  

The returning students are already accustomed to campus layout, the staff and Covid-19 protocols.  

For transfer students, their first semester can be somewhat daunting as they must become familiar with a new college amid the pandemic and all the restrictions it entails. 

Northampton Area Community College (NACC) always has a multitude of transfer students that arrive at ESU and this semester is not any different despite the pandemic. 

“Procedures against Covid-19 are quite similar across both colleges, but I believe NACC was more prepared during my time there,” said Alan Coco, first-year transfer student and History major. 

“Although, I do find the ESU campus far easier to navigate despite it being larger. NACC also seemed to have more advanced educational technology, in my opinion.” 

“Pre-pandemic,the NACC Monroe campus had hybrid modality, which allowed us to either attend class in person or via Zoom,” said Daniel Stevens, an English Major who recently transferred from NACC’s Monroe branch.  

ESU has a variety of options for extracurricular activities such as sports teams, literary clubs or even The Stroud Courier.  

“I already am and will continue to be more involved in ESU’s activities and clubs,” said Stevens. 

He is participating in The Stroud Courier this semester and has won first place in their Creative Arts Competition last semester.  

“ESU’s campus is far better than the one at NACC. Monroe campus has far fewer buildings,” said Stevens. 

With the number of quality teachers that are employed at ESU, it is no surprise students are satisfied with the educators they are provided.  

“More professional teachers for sure, they seem like they have more knowledge and are better prepared although, the professors at NACC were personable to me,” said Coco, when asked his opinion about the quality of the educators at ESU. 

Disagreeing slightly with Coco on the personability of teachers at ESU, Stevens said, “Professors are far better and more personable.”  

Darren Engler, Digital Media Technology major, is another new transfer student arriving from NACC who is more than satisfied with the professors of ESU.  

“Yeah, teachers at ESU seem of a higher quality as well as they’re more apt to help me in my studies,” said Engler. 

Engler agreed with Coco on ESU’s handling of the Covid-19 protocol. 

 “Both schools seem to be doing an adequate job at stopping the further spread of Covid-19.”  

“I prefer ESU overall compared to my last college, [NACC], my family history at ESU was a big influence for me,” Engler continued. 

“I was also initially influenced by ESU’s education program but eventually transferred to their Digital Media Technology major.”  

In spite of Covid-19 regulations and being new to ESU’s campus, this university has done a fantastic job to make the campus extremely welcoming to transfer students who look to continue their educational careers.  

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