Main Street’s Halloween Haunts

(Photo credit via Steffan Blanco) A group of costumed friends celebrate a night out for Halloween festivities down at Stroudsburg's own Main Street.

Andrew Delia

Contributing Writer

“It’s not just gonna be a spooky Halloween in Stroudsburg, It’s gonna be more than spookies” – said GameQ Lounge owner, Gregory Quinones. 

Halloween is in the air, and there are dozens of opportunities to celebrate with Halloween fanatics all across Stroudsburg.  

Oct 28, Downriver Brewing Co. will be hosting an 80’s themed Halloween party from 7pm to 10pm. It’s for those trying to experience the 80’s and those people trying to relive the 80’s. 

The cost to get in is $18 dollars, you have to be 21 years or older to enter. There will be live music from Video Daze, an 80’s tribute band. 

Downriver will also be hosting a costume contest for those who would like to participate. There are two prices being given away at the event. First, for those who think they will have the funniest costume, if you win, it will be a $25 dollar given.  

Then there will be a cash prize of $50 dollars for the one that has the best overall costume.  

On Oct. 29, the GameQ lounge on Main Street will be hosting a costume contest and two Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournaments. The event is called “More Than Spookies”. Many people across the tri-state will be traveling to participate in the tournament. 

“Some of the top players in the world will be coming to the event, Beast(Joel Veras), who is considered top 50 in the world, is going to be participating,” stated Gregory Quinones. 

The door will be open at 2 pm for people who want to get practice. The first event, Squad Strike( a 1 vs. 1 where you play as 3 different characters) will start at 3:30 pm. The Costume Contest will take place around 5:30 pm. The last event, “Main Bracket” will occur at 6 pm.  

For the people that are fans of Stranger things, the Renegrade Winery will be hosting a Halloween 80’s Hawkins Dance on Saturday Oct. 29 from 7pm to 11pm.  

The winery is also taking part in a costume contest, centered around season 4 Stranger Things.  

ELEVEN will be for the most thematic to the Stranger Things universe. EDDIE is for the best “do it yourself” costumes. Lastly, VECNA will be for the best overall costume of the night. 

The Renegade Winery will also be hosting a Concert at 8pm. The opener of the entire event will be Keith Kenny.  

The Headliners of the event are Christian Porter, Walter Lee and The Cabana Boys.  

For tickets to the event range from $20 to $30, depending on the package you order. 

That is just the beginning, there is a multitude of events that will be happening across the month of October, Halloween weekend especially. 

The festivities are endless and there will be be people roaming the streets that are looking for fun and know where the fun is. 

Start planning now on your Halloween activities because you do not want to miss any events happening on main street or anything happening in Stroudsburg.  

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