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Television is used in a variety of ways whether it be to access information, entertain, or spread awareness.
Reality television has increased in popularity over recent years. This includes shows such as America’s Got Talent and The Voice.
The main objective of these shows are to introduce new or lesser known talent to a unaware audience. Many artists and performers get their start on these shows.
25-year-old Kameron Marlowe is a prime example of this scenario. He recieved an invitation to the show after being discovered through YouTube covers.
For background, Marlowe has always been a man of music. In high school, Marlowe created a band and continued to sing in college.
Alas, Marlowe left school to help support his family after his mother was injured. He worked a regular job yet continued to sing online which is when a producer noticed him.
Marlowe appeared on NBC’s The Voice for season fifteen which aired in 2018.
He became a part of Blake Shelton’s team before being stolen by Adam Levine. Unfortunately, Marlowe was eliminated during the Live Playoffs.
Thanks to the popularity in the competition, this North Carolina native prepared to make a name for himself in the country music industry.
After being eliminated, Marlowe traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to build his dream. He started this journey with multiple drives back and forth from Tennesse and North Carolina.
Through time and a complete move to Nashville, Marlowe was able to release “Giving You Up” and received immense success.
The magic of the music is found in the gutwrenching story which applies to Marlowe’s real life. True experience blended with pure talent leads to excellent reviews.
The song is about Marlowe’s experience with heartbreak. He drew inspiration from a phone call he received that came from an ex-girlfriend.
Marlowe had plans to marry her when the relationship went downhill and the call made him realize he had to give her up.
Fans loved the concept of letting go of an ex similar to quitting a habit. Marlowe writes “‘Cause I’m giving you up/Just like I did them Marlboro Lights”.
His fans fell in love with the heart and soul of this song. Country music is blessed to have a man so dedicated to honesty, truth, and emotion.
Since Marlowe is a young, upcoming artist, he has one album besides his EP. In August of 2022, he released We Were Cowboys under Columbia Nashville’s Label.
The album is approximately an hour long consisting of sixteen authentic country songs.
Undoubtedly, the most popular creations of the album are “We Were Cowboys,” “Girl on Fire,” and “Steady Heart”. However, the songs not on the radio such as “Does It Have To Be Over” and “Burn Em’ All” are nonetheless special.
Themes of nostalgia, romance, and heartbreak may seem consistent with most artists yet Marlowe creates an even mix. “Girl on Fire” may be about a lost love yet the memories remain joyous.
The song about simple summer flings coming to an end has reached over sixteen million streams. Marlowe proves heartbreak is not always dramatic lying and cheating.
As people who desire love, many find it difficult to let go of a relationship even if that’s the best option. Marlowe writes about not wanting the love to die.
“Does It Have To Be Over” depicts the pain of knowing a relationship is over yet not wanting it to end. He writes “Does it have to be over/I know you need space and I need closure” to further express this idea.
The beauty behind personal songs is the relatability between the artist and the fan. Marlowe never fails to forget this connection.
Artists such as Riley Green, Brad Paisley, and Morgan Wallen reached out to Marlowe to open their shows.
Wallen, a fan favorite in the country music world, invited Marlowe during a section of his Dangerous Tour. He performed for five shows which were all sold out audiences.
As a new artist, Marlowe was met with love and encouragement during this time. He is now on a tour of his own with dates from December through July.
With plenty of time to compete in the industry and grow a fanbase, Marlowe has an incredible start. His talent is undeniable whether it be vocal ability or lyrical genius.
Marlowe is on his way to becoming a force to be reckoned with as country music grows and artists look for collaboration.
To describe Marlowe in three words, I would consider him and his music to be unique, passionate, and unbelievable. According to Marlowe’s website, his album “came down to is not wanting to sound like any other record, and I hope people get to know me out of this”.
Having identity and individualidiy is as crucial as a good voice when it comes to musical success. Being unique means being memorable.
If you enjoy artists such as Tyler Braden, Conner Smith, or Nate Smith, the next artist to add to your playlist should be Kameron Marlowe.

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