Cozy Reads for the Winter Season

What are some good book recs for the Holiday season? (Photo Credit to Marissa Slowinski)

Marissa Slowinski
Opinon Editor

This winter I am going on a rom-com binge when it comes to the books I’m reading. I put together a list of the books I bought specifically for the holiday season.
Holiday rom-coms are a different kind of warm and fuzzy, especially when the leaves begin to fall and winter break is right around the corner.

1. “Window Shopping” by Tessa Bailey
Tessa Bailey is one of my favorite romance writers when I am looking for a good laugh. She is hilarious and writes loveable characters
with undoubtable connections that readers can feel. “Window Shopping” is a “sizzling, standalone, feelgood winter romance,” ac- cording to Goodreads.
In this grumpy/sunshine romance, Stella is out from a 4 year prison sentence and is setting out for a fresh start when she meets Aiden, the general manager of an up- scale department store. Aiden immediately wants to hire Stella for the window dressing position.
But, as her boss, their blossoming feelings need to be taken slow with the utmost regard, despite the mounting romantic tension in the work- place.

2.“Icebreaker” by Han- nah Grace
“Icebreaker” has taken Bookstagram and Booktok by storm. While this isn’t a straight-up holiday romance, the setting is cold, so close enough.
This story follows driven and hardworking figure skater, Anastasia Allen,and hockey captain Nathan Hawkins.
“When a misunderstand- ing results in the two teams sharing a rink, and Anastasia’s partner gets hurt in the aftermath, Nate finds himself swapping his stick for tights, and one scary coach for an even scarier one.”

3.“Tis the Season for Re- venge” by Morgan Elizabeth
“Tis the Season for Re- venge” is the first book that I’m reading to get into the holiday spirit. I started it recently and am flying through it. This book is maniacally funny and romantic so far and I cannot get enough.
Abbie just got her heart broken by a-hole lawyer, Richard “Dick” Bartholomeow Benson and is scheming for revenge. What better way to get revenge? Date his boss.
When feelings start to become more than a ploy, Abbie must decide if she can go through with her plan of deceit.

4. “A Merry Little Meet
Cute” by Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone
Again, I bought “A Merry Little Meet Cute” because I love Sierra Simone. She has written many of my favorite romance novels, and I am ex- cited to see how she is with a romantic-comedy.
I also look forward to being introduced to Julie Murphy! I haven’t read a novel from her before.
This story is about Bee Hobbes, plus-sized adult film star and her childhood crush, Nolan Shaw, an ex-boy band member, meeting on set of a family-friendly Christmas movie. Nolan and Bee start a secret relationship on-set, but if “Bee and Nolan can’t keep their off-camera romance behind the scenes, then this merry little meet cute might end up on the cut- ting room floor.”

5. “One Last Gift” by
Emily Stone
“One Last Gift” was an impulsive last-minute pick
up this previous Black Friday. It seems emotional and riveting.
“One Last Gift” is a sweet, small-town romance that seems like it will make me cry in the best way. Cassie just lost her best friend, Tom, leaving her drifting away from their mutual friend, Sam.
When she receives an envelope for Tom’s annual Christmas scavenger hunt the Christmas after he passed away, she reluctantly accepts the challenge…alone this time.
This is a story of friend- ship, finding yourself, and not giving up on love all told through the eyes of grief.
I will be reviewing all of these (and most likely more) on my Instagram, @rissa.reads.books. Barnes & Noble has a great table full of holiday recommendations right now, so I highly suggest checking it out for more fun, cozy reads.

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