Activism and Style in the 1970s vs. 2022

The 1970s and 2022 may be more alike than you thought. (Photo Credit from left to right via CNN, Urban Institute, and The Vou)

Rachel Heggenstaller
Sports Editor

Do you wear the same hairstyles as your grandparents?

Over time, trends come and go, but some become more memorable than others. Whether the trend is good or bad in your eyes, it usually finds its way back the TV and magazines.

The 70’s was a time for big hair and personality. In the current decade, we see many differences, but they might be more similar than what you might think.

The 70’s were a booming era for social justice and change.

Between the women’s rights movement, the fight for gay rights, the environmental movement, and the Vietnam War; this was a decade full of people’s thoughts and feeling being expressed in any way possible, including their hair.

Culturally, the 70’s and 2020’s are similar as well. Since the 70’s, the fire has not burnt out on people’s passion for social change and for standing up for what they believe in.

Today, our culture is dealing with the effects of overturning Roe v. Wade, which was originally fought for and voted on in the early 70’s.

This court case is a crucial part of history for that decade. The case was fought over for two years for two years, filled with protests and activism.

The activism and courage shown by women then, seeps through to this generation just as hairstyles do.

One of the key components to a trendy hairstyle in the 70’s was volume. Coming out of the 60’s when the beehive was popular, the big hair continued in its own way.

The teased volume and the big waves contradict some of today’s hairstyles. In the 2020’s, hair styles are simpler, usually either left down with the natural texture or thrown up either in a ponytail or a clip.

Pam Stauffer was a woman in her late teens early 20’s in the 1970s.

“Looking back on my college years, my hairstyles were part of me. They showed people a small piece of my personality,” she stated.

“The hairstyles were very flamboyant and showy.”

The hairstyles were not only big, but they also haveinteresting elements to them as well.

Some of them include the “long shag bangs, mullets, and the afro.”

These elements added some personality and character to the individual’s hair.

All the self-expression and individuality that is shown through the hair and the actions of the women of the 1970’s.

Their ache for progress and change is the same as women today.

Hair is more than just a look or a way to make your outfit look better. It shows women’s power to fight through whatever gets thrown their way.

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