Under The Influence By Selena Careri

Branded artwork created on Adobe Express (left) and Eric Kim and Viv Hong (right). (Left photo via Selena Careri and right via Eric Kim's Instagram)

Selena Careri
News Editor

This influencer is a little different compared to the ones I usually write about.
Moneysigneric started making videos consistently almost two years ago and currently has 130k subscribers.
That may not sound like a lot, but his fans actively engage with him on social media including Twitch.
I first discovered his channel last year while I was watching other videos of food to try in New York like Korean corn dogs and birria tacos.
Eric Kim lives in Brooklyn, NY and regularly travels to Manhattan to try new food.
Kim’s content consists of vlogs, “what I eat in a week,” “what I spend in a week,” cooking and going on dates with his girlfriend.
Kim has been in a relationship with Viv Hong for almost two years.
They have two dogs named Terry and Yaki and they are both toy poodles.
On their recent trip to Korea, they got matching tattoos of their dogs.
Kim has an insane sense of humor and will make you laugh during every part of his videos.
He uses a lot of memes like a typical young adult male.
Even though he is always reviewing food, he has very low standards.
Kim will give everything a rating of an eight to a ten while Hong is very harsh and rarely gives high ratings.
If she gives something a ten, you know it tastes good and you should probably try it for yourself.
They are very comfortable sharing their relationship online.
Sometimes, Kim shares a little too much like his toes or him stretching, but it is all for laughs.
This past year they traveled to Tulum and to Korea where they tried amazing food and drinks.
Kim has received Hong’s dad’s blessing to marry her and a proposal is probably soon to come.
I would recommend watching his videos if you’re looking for new places to eat or if you just want to laugh.

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