A New Tune: Benson Boone

Delaney Hibbits

When shallowness and artificial feelings are an option, Benson Boone chooses authenticity. Boone is an upcoming pop artist with talents beyond understanding. After posting on TikTok, he decided to audition for American Idol. With a voice of grace and power, the judges viewed him as an automatic yes. Katy Perry says, “I see you winning American Idol if you want.” 

Boone did withdraw from the competition to work on his skills more productively. Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragons frontman, saw Boone’s talent and reached out to him. The two met in Las Vegas and worked together for a few days. Shortly after, Reynolds invited Boone to sign with Night Street Records which is partnered with Warner Records. 

One of the first songs anyone heard from Boone was “GHOST TOWN.” A piercing, stunning ballad about the struggles of staying in a toxic relationship. Boone writes with passion and honesty while delivering a gut-wrenching performance.  

Currently, the song has amassed over 220 million listens on Spotify. Boone touches upon the truth in toxicity with lyrics like “Maybe you’d be happier with someone else/Maybe loving me’s the reason you can’t love yourself.” As a young artist, he realizes his listeners are in a similar age range and dealing with similar problems. He uses music to teach and support. 

My personal favorites by Boone are “In The Stars” and “Better Alone” due to the depth and emotion within the lyrics. 

“In The Stars” is a song dedicated to the memories Boone shared with his great-grandmother. The two were undoubtedly close and losing her created a hole that is impossible to fill. He writes, “Now you’re in the stars and six-feet’s never felt so far/Here I am alone between the heavens and the embers” to emphasize his pain.  

As someone who is close to her grandparents, this song touched my heart and truly reminded me to make the most of the time I have left with them. Boone is not afraid to show his real emotions in songs, on television, or during interviews. If you had to describe his music in one word, it would be meaningful.  

“Better Alone” is all about learning to be independent and self-discovery. Relationships, especially in the newer generations, seem to control everyone. People in society have forgotten how to separate their personalities from that of others.  

Finding yourself is a journey many struggle to complete when dependent on personal relationships. My favorite lyrics are “I’ll be there for myself/Guess I have to let you go/I’m better off alone.” Knowing you have to take care of yourself and move on is difficult to accept but required to live a peaceful life. 

Benson Boone writes incredible songs, but he also acts as a musician and artist. Boone can play the drums, guitar, and piano. He also designs the artwork for his album and single covers. “GHOST TOWN,” “In The Stars,” and “Room for 2” consist of artwork by Boone to further prove his dedication to realism.  

When it comes to music, I am a sucker for true stories and strong lyrics. When it comes to a list of qualities needed to be a successful pop artist, Boone checks off every box. With time and a growing fanbase, he has the potential to be one of the most famous artists. 

If you enjoy Zach Hood, Thomas Day, and Clinton Kane, I highly recommend Benson Boone.  

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