Twisted Love: A Review

A review on Twisted Love (Image Credit: Marissa Slowinski)

Marissa Slowinski 
Opinion Editor

I was, at first, nervous to start the Twisted series with all the hype surrounding it, but, let me tell you it was 100% worth all the praise. Twisted love is a perfect melody of grumpy-sunshine trope mixed with tones of dark romance, the more desirable parts of rom-coms and, of course, plenty of steamy, romantic scenes.

I want to start by saying I did not expect this book to have so many dark themes! This is something that I, personally, really love in my romance books. Anything too fluffy is immediately a turn-off for me (there are exceptions though). I love tortured characters who have experienced real-life trauma that readers can relate to on personally levels; Ava and Alex both meet this specification.

I think that these two characters have such relatable coping skills that can appeal to the majority of readers. Ava coping with her trauma by being the giggly, “sunshine’ character was relatable to me, personally. I love how positive she was, and she was truly a ray of light throughout, not just this book, but the entire series.

Despite all the dark elements and Alex’s perpetual drab, Twisted Love had me laughing so hard multiple times. Ava’s internal monologue is hilarious, and I adore the way that she reacts to certain things, especially when they are awkward. The camaraderie with the girls also added layers of comedy and humorous scenes that reminded me of my friends and I so much. I knew from the second I was introduced to the four Twisted girls I was in for a great series.

I love Alex’s development through this book, and the other Twisted books. His character is the definition of ice-cold and his controlling, possessive nature just adds to the deliciousness of him. I am a sucker for the “I will burn down the world for you” trope and he checks every box. However…

Alex is such a morally gray character, and I still don’t know if I could forgive him if I were in Ava’s shoes. However, the groveling was *chefs kiss*. Ava knew her worth and stuck to her guns, even after all she went through. Her success and ability to stay the course with her passions while battling mental health problems was beyond admirable.

This was a quick, emotional read that I think you all should get your hands on if you have the chance. I’m on “Twisted Hate” right now, and the series is only getting better. Ana Huang is a goddess of her craft. I love how she can keep things so lighthearted and fun, but then shift to serious, dark themes. It’s a delicate balance and she walked that line exceptionally. Read this now!

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