Spring Involvement Fair for Student Success

The 2023 Spring Involvement Fair in SciTech was a great way for students to find new clubs and organizations to become a part of. (Photo credit via ESU's Student Government Assc. Warriorlink page)

Nathan Gilmartin

Contributing Writer

and Aliyah Williams

Managing Editor

The annual ESU involvement fair was held in the SciTech lobby on Tuesday, Jan. 31 and Thursday, Feb. 2. Clubs such as the Artists’ Guild, the Psychology Association, Active Minds, the Lacrosse Team and several Greek Life organizations represented themselves at this year’s fair, hosted by the Student Activities Association.

“It was packed with little room to walk around,” said freshman Tyler Akob. “But every space was filled with some kind of interesting activity or club that ESU has to offer.”

The fair, held every semester, serves to raise the awareness of both new and old students about organizations on campus. For some clubs, the Involvement Fair was a huge success.

“We’ve had more people sign up in the past two hours than the past two years,” said Austin Newport, the treasurer of the ESU Biology Club.

Behind the scenes, the Involvement Fair was also a great way for clubs not only to reach out to new members but also to reach out to one another. Representatives on behalf of ESU’s radio station, WESS, were seen meeting with members of other clubs to discuss the possibility of advertising their organizations on the air.

“I think it’s super important for WESS to be a friendly face with other clubs,” said Emily Egan, a WESS member. “We love getting involved with events on campus and collaborating with other clubs.” The popularity of the Involvement Fair has also had a positive impact on the formation of new relationships within the student body on campus.

Brian Akonu, the president of the Student Government Association, is also an advocate for relationship growth between student clubs and organizations. “Each organization taps into a different part of a multifaceted student body,” said Akonu. “The more that we get into certain niches, the more you can identify with students and make their experience feel more special. I feel like every club is on the same page, we all know that we can provide different things so that we can make the experience more unique and exciting for our students.”

Getting involved in extracurricular activities can significantly enhance one’s college experience because it brings together groups of people with similar interests. According to the official ESU website, there are over 100 clubs and organizations for students to join on campus. These organizations include, but are not limited to, club sports teams, Greek life organizations and academic interest groups.

This year’s Involvement Fair was a success, with many students finding out about new opportunities to expand upon their interests. Various clubs and organizations also found ways to better communicate and connect with those around them.

“My personal favorite part about the event was the performances by the Warriorettes and the fraternities because they brought an awesome energy and got everyone there involved,” said Akob.

Students who missed the Involvement Fair have not completely missed out on the opportunity to sign up for a club. By creating an account on WarriorLink, ESU’s online student organization resource, students are able to get information on, as well as sign up for, events that various different clubs are holding.

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