Under the Influence: Karla Jara and Khayman Burton

Karla and Khayman at a hockey game in Boston. (Photo Credit: Karla Jara’s Instagram Page)

Selena Careri

News Editor 

Supporting social media couples can sometimes be controversial because their business is really none of ours. We find ourselves involved in these stranger’s lives and we think we know them so well because of what they want us to see on social media. Sometimes it can be dangerous to get so attached and other times it can be fun to just be oblivious and watch them anyway. 

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is in a scandal or getting their heart broken, causing drama all over social media. However, KB and Karla are the only couple’s channel that I actually trust and continuously watch. 

Their love and friendship seem pure and reminds me of my own. While it may look like they put on this perfect façade in their Instagram photos, their true personalities shine through their YouTube videos.  

I first started watching their channel three years ago because of a food challenge video. They made the couples channel five years ago and currently have over a million subscribers. A lot of their fans probably come from their Instagram pages which also have over a million followers. 

It’s quite obvious that they’re a beautiful couple with a unique and inspiring fashion sense. Karla never repeats outfits or accessories and always has a new hairdo. 

Aside from appearances, they are both kind, soft-spoken and genuine people with a goofy side. They are always together; either eating, traveling, or just enjoying every day together. They often make food challenge videos or try new menu items from restaurants. They also make lifestyle videos and recently bought their first house with a yard for their dogs. 

They are also currently planning their wedding since their engagement last March. For fans, the engagement was a big moment because the couple had been together for four years and everyone felt they were perfect for each other. 

KB admitted he felt pressured by fans but still proposed on his own time when he knew that he and Karla were ready. KB and Karla are both family oriented and spend time with each other’s families when they get the opportunity to do so. 

Karla’s brother, Luis, is also famously known on social media for his fashion sense. Karla and her family live in LA while KB’s family lives in Oregon. The couple often travels, with the most recent trips being Boston, Malibu, CA, Philadelphia, Bora Bora and Paris. 

Whatever they experience, they take pictures and videos along the way and share parts of their lives with those who enjoy watching and find comfort in them. 

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