Five Timeless Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Marissa Slowinski

Opinion Editor

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner there are many ways to spend it with your partner or friends. Whether it’s staying in on the slow Tuesday that it falls on this year, or celebrating the weekend before or after, there are many ways to show the special people in your life how much they mean to you. Here is a list of ideas that are sure to please everyone.

  1. Dinner and a Show

Going out to eat and to the movies is a classic date that is perfect for weeknights and weekends alike. This Valentine’s Day there are various movies to see in theaters from horror to comedies. “Knock at the Cabin,” a new thriller movie, comes out February 3 and seems like it’s going to be a huge success in theaters.

Going to dinner with your friends or partner is always a great idea. In the Stroudsburg area there are multiple restaurants, bars, and wineries to spend quality time in. With options from traditional American, Italian, and Thai there is something sure to please.

  1. Staying In

Staying in is my favorite way to spend quality time with my partner, especially because Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday. Getting takeout and binging movies/shows on streaming services is cozy and will help you connect with your partner.

Reece Witherspoon’s new rom-com, “Your Place or Mine,” comes out February 10 on Netflix and I am sure to tune in.

  1. Go for a Hike

Even though temperatures can be cold and unpredictable during this time of year, a hike can be a good way to spend quality time with your partner, weather permitting. The Delaware Water Gap has fantastic hiking trails of all different levels. Mount Tammany is my personal favorite, as it provides a knock-out view. It is steep though so beware.

  1. Go Shopping at Local Small Businesses

Visiting cute, quirky shops always fills me with joy, especially when I go out with my boyfriend. In downtown Stroudsburg there’s a beautiful small bookstore that I always visit, as well as other family-owned stores with amazing finds. There are also restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in the area to round out a busy day of walking around.

  1. Get Coffee, Ice-cream, or Other Sweets

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with sweets. I always enjoy the bitter warmth of coffee paired with a sweet danish or muffin. This is my go-to date with either my partner or my friends. The quiet chatter of the other patrons in the coffee shop and mouth-watering aromas helps me be present with whomever I’m out with.

Regardless of what I listed, the perfect date is entirely dependent on that company you’re going out with. Personalization is key when it comes to planning the perfect day out or cozy night in.

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