TV Studio 2 Hosting Callbacks for RVSH

Auditions for the upcoming RVSH performance were held in this past week. (Photo credit via TV Studio Production 2)

Emily Egan 

Student Life Editor

Have you ever had the feeling like you’ll never fit in? Can you relate to the euphoric feeling of listening to the little voice inside your head? 

Or maybe you’re just trying something new after a childhood friend recommends it. You could even be involved just by chance; wrong place, wrong time. 

Do you have immense guilt after doing something unspeakable?

That’s what happens in RVSH, TV Studio Production 2’s pilot that begins filming in March. 

This past week, RVSH held auditions to find the cast for its five main characters. Callbacks for the actors will be held on Monday, February 13th. 

The pilot tells the story of a group of friends involved in covering up a death. Each character believes they hold some sort of responsibility and guilt for the death, and each one could have been the one to do it. 

The new girl Leah is just trying to fit in now that she’s in college. She comes from a rough childhood and longs for acceptance and sisterhood. She is innocent and looks like she could not hurt a fly. Leah usually goes with whatever the group says. 

Skylar is a popular sorority girl with a large social following. She is super pretty and nice. She can be described as Little Miss Perfect and takes charge when needed. She feels a lot of guilt over what happened.

Max can be a little feisty, very straight up, and blunt. She doesn’t seem like your typical sorority girl, but don’t let that stop her from getting what she wants. Max has been friends with Skylar for a long time, and that’s the only reason she’s in the sorority. She sees through lies effortlessly. 

Sam has been friends with Skylar since high school. She just transferred into the school and is trying to make friends and put herself out there. Sam is very close with Skylar, who wants her to join the sorority. People describe Sam as super lovely and kind, much like Leah. 

Tyler is your typical rom-com boyfriend of Skylar, but he’s not like other guys. Tyler is very similar to Skylar; he brings dramatic energy and comedic relief. He cares about others and deeply cares about his reputation. Tyler loves Skylar even when he’s frustrated by her.

Every character is involved with Greek life, and the story takes place over the course of a few days, including Rush Week. 

TV Studio 2 is hosting callbacks, aka chemistry reads, for the main characters from 10:00 am to 11:50 am in McGarry Studio One. People of all ethnicities, sexualities, backgrounds, and experience levels auditioned. 

Background actors are needed, too, so even if you do not relate with one of the five listed above, there may still be a place for you.

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