Daughter of No Worlds: A Review

Marissa Slowinski

Opinion Editor


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A review and synopsis of Carissa Broadbent’s “Daughter of No Worlds” Photo Credit via Amazon

The Daughter of No Worlds by Carissa Broadbent: 4.5/5 stars.


     This series was so high on my TBR for an embarrassingly long amount of time, and I’m so glad I picked it up and read it (finally). 

    “Daughter of No Worlds” follows Tisaanah, former slave and total badass, and her journey to freedom. After attempting to buy her freedom, she “nearly pays with her life,” and ends up murdering the most powerful man, and number one asshole in Threll.

     Forced to flee, she goes through the perilous journey to Ara with the intent of pledging herself to The Orders, a sort-of society of magic Wielders. Upon arrival, her tenacity and grit keep her alive as she hones in on her skills alongside of ​​the swoon-worthy, Maxantarius (Max). But, there’s a catch. 

     The Orders have mysterious, darker, plans for Tisaanah, “but Tisaanah will stop at nothing to save those she abandoned.

     Even if it means forfeiting her freedom and sacrificing her heart.

     Even if it means wielding death itself.”

     The energy of budding war and crackling romance make this book to be a swirl of adrenaline and pining that had me on the edge of my seat.

     Almost all of the characters are multi-layered, making for a well-rounded sense of the world that we are introduced to in this book. Seeing this world, and the differing perspectives on it, through the eyes of complex characters made me feel immersed in the story. Some of the characters I still can’t get a read on, and I think that is a true quality of a fantastic book. 

     Tisaanah, I can already tell, is going to be in my top ten FMCs. She is so inspiring, using her trauma to fuel her drive to save those she was forced to leave behind. She has been through hell, and continues to go through the unspeakable without losing herself, or her purpose. 

     I thought the physical trait of her being “fractured” was a particularly moving trait of hers, and made her character even more resilient. Being undermined because you look different, or are a woman is something people can relate to on various different scales everywhere–myself included. She defied the odds, making everyone around her look like a fool for underestimating her.

     Max is hot hot hot. I was immediately smitten with his desire to be alone, and soul-crushing need to stay out of war. However, he is intensely powerful and a total, sword-wielding, killer-body Adonis. As his and Tisaanah’s relationship grew you could really see them growing into each other as respective individuals. This is kind of enemies to lovers, but not totally. It’s more like “I resent you and don’t want to waste my time training you to lovers,” and he totally ends up training her, and facing his own battles along the way, physically and emotionally.

     This is only the first book, and I already love the world. There, for sure, needs to be more world building, but I think that’ll come with the next couple of books. This one really focused on building up the characters, and setting up the parts of this world that directly impacts them so far. I really can’t wait to see where the rest of this trilogy goes.

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