We’re From Antarctica Visits WESS!

We're From Antarctica playing at the Sherman We're From Antarctica playing live / Photo courtesy of Geoff Ioaniddis

Emily Egan

Student Life Editor

On Friday, January 17th, the band We’re From Antarctica visited ESU’s on-campus radio station, 90.3 WESS, to be interviewed by WESS’s program director Geoff Ioannidis, and environmental science major.

We’re from Antarctica is an up-and-coming band from the Lehigh Valley area that takes a stab at indie pop with elements of synth-pop, disco, and beach sounds that fuse together with an electric punch. 

“I love connecting with live bands to learn about who the artists are behind the music that they curate. It brings about the stories and lives that are integrated into the music and tells you in depth about why they choose the sounds, words, and other aspects of their music that build their performances in the studio and on the stage,” says Geoff.

WESS academic advisor and Communication Studies program assistant professor, Dr. Sarah Everett, expresses how important it is to facilitate connection with local artists. 

Dr. Everett vocalized, “It’s really important for WESS to engage with all local music avenues, whether on or off campus; It helps us create cross-promotion for the local community and our student life organizations.”

Students were very hype to have a local band appear on campus. 

Erik Darling, DJ at WESS and graphics and web design major, remarked how important it is for WESS to be a friendly face with outside artists. 

“It’s very important to have a friendly face with all the bands and everything. That way, we can have live performances, they can help us out, and we can help them out by exposing them to the outside,” he adds. 

“It’s also good for the band’s exposure because, for example, I don’t know anything about this band. So now I’m going to know a lot about this band, and many listeners will also,” says Sadie Pawluck, Communication Studies major. 

“Being here… It’s just a lot of fun… It’s just really nice to be here somewhere local and really be able to hone in on what’s going on around us and to be able to hang out,” announces Jess and Paco from the band.

Anyone interested in becoming a DJ at WESS can contact a council member or direct message any of the WESS social media accounts. You can be any year, major, or skill level when joining WESS, and can sometimes be trained in as little as one day.

We’re From Antarctica will be back at ESU to headline the Spring Jam/End of Year Extravaganza event on April 20th, 2023, along with other local bands. 

You can follow the band We’re From Antarctica on Instagram at  @werefromantarctica and WESS at @wessfmradio.

We're From Antarctica Visiting Wess
We’re From Antarctica visiting WESS / Photo courtesy of Emily Egan