Breaking News: Flood at University Ridge Displaces Residents

One of the apartment buildings at University Ridge. (Photo Credit: ESU website)

Selena Careri
News Editor

Building 10 at The Ridge flooded last night, displacing about 50 residents.

“Someone’s apartment on the second floor flooded because a pipe burst in the kitchen and it wouldn’t stop,” said Shavonne McLamb.

McLamb is a resident of building 10 and the Advertising Manager for the Stroud Courier.

Residents were  immediately evacuated and relocated to building one.

“First they told us that they were turning off the water due to flooding and then five minutes later they told us to leave,” said McLamb.

These emergency circumstances only allowed residents to grab whatever they could, not expecting the problem to be determined unsolvable by the end of the night. Residents were eventually allowed back in to the building to grab a few more items such as clothes, hygiene products and class materials, according to McLamb.

Residents either spent the night in building one, stayed at a friend’s place or went home to their families.

“Dansbury is letting us have free breakfast,” said McLamb. “The University is also giving us an excused absence if we need it.”

A message has not been sent out to the students to inform them of the incident last night.

“I was informed that one of my students was displaced due to flooding,” said Bill Broun, professor.

University Relations did not respond to emails at time of press.

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