A New Tune: Megan Moroney

Image via tasteofcountry.com

Tennessee is a state of excitement, music, and the color orange. It’s the place of rising stars, everlasting legends, and bright colors. One of these upcoming talents is Megan Moroney who was quick to make a name for herself in country music.

Moroney is a Georgia native who was raised in the world of music. Her father was in a band while her brother played the guitar so it’s no wonder she found herself posting covers on social media. 

Music was never the plan for Moroney considering her original college major was accounting. She switched to digital marketing and eventually worked in the music business program. Her love for performing came after Chase Rice, another country artist, spotted her performing at a sorority event.

Rice asked Moroney to open for him at the Georgia Theatre under one condition; she had to play one original song. This was her first time performing in front of a huge crowd which was her turning point. A life of music became the life of Megan Moroney. 

Moroney’s voice became a staple on the radio after excelling in her honest storytelling. Her EP, Pistol Made of Roses, was released in 2022 and received excellent reviews. My personal favorites on this EP would be “Fix You Too” and “Hair Salon.”

“Fix You Too” is about putting yourself first because no red flag is worth the heartbreak. She uses great descriptions to set the scene such as “By the looks of the ceiling there’s/Rain gettin’ in through the roof/I don’t wanna have to fix you too.”

Being surrounded by damages and broken parts, you hope to find comfort in those around you. What happens when your significant other is only ever toxic? Do you stay and fix them or let them go? Moroney says move on.

“Hair Salon” depicts the story of small-town life. The football games, cheating rumors, and love gossip. Moroney focuses on the discovery that her past love has found someone else. She writes, “They said you bought a ring/And you found the one now I’m heartbroken /Heartbroken in a hair salon.”

Her visual lyrics touch on the heartbreak many feel when they think they’ve moved on but the hurt still exists. Every hair salon consists of secrets and mysteries. In Moroney’s song, these secrets range from relationship enders to community connections.

Moroney’s biggest breakthrough came with the release of “Tennesse Orange.” Not only is it a wonderful song, but the rumors surrounding it also bring excitement to all listeners. The song is about being so in love that you’re willing to exchange your Georgia passion for Tennessee colors. 

TikTok and Instagram fans have theorized and wondered about the inspiration behind the song. The two biggest artists connected to the song are Morgan Wallen and Conner Smith. Wallen’s hat and Vol’s shirt were worn by Moroney in many photos. However, Smith also released a song titled “Orange and White.”

Moroney’s EP as well as her latest song. “I’m Not Pretty” is about knowing your worth and ignoring those who feel the need to be cruel. People checking our social media should not lead to overthinking but confidence.

With her recent upheaval in success, Moroney has announced her debut album. Fans are anxiously awaiting new tales of love, heartbreak, and self-empowerment. Mark your calendars for May 5th to listen to Moroney’s first full album, Lucky.

If you enjoy Hailey Whitters, Mackenzie Carpenter, and Ashley Cooke, Megan Moroney will reach your expectations.