SAA Hunger Games Event

SAA Hunger Games Event SAA Hunger Games Club Event (Picture credit: Emily Egan)

Emily Egan

Student Life Editor

While students weren’t fighting to their death in an arena for entertainment, the competition was still going strong at SAA’s Hunger Games: Club Edition event on Wednesday, March 1. 

Thanks to the preexisting fanbase The Hunger Games novels and movies have, it’s not surprising that this event was a success. Considered of SAA’s more unique events, the students seemed to come out in droves to participate in the event as the gymnasium was packed with people.

Participating clubs could “reap” volunteers to represent their clubs as tributes. Many clubs were in attendance, including but not limited to PRSSA, Men’s Volleyball Club, The Warriorettes, and Anime Club, among others. 

Even though her club didn’t win, PRSSA team member Joelle Wolfrum was interested in participating as soon as she heard about the event. Declaring herself her team’s leader, she had nothing but nice anecdotes to say about the event.

“I had so much fun working with and cheering on my teammates for all the challenges. It was so exciting competing with all the other amazing clubs at ESU and seeing everyone give it their all,” Joelle said. 

Tributes competed in multiple physical and mental challenges fit for everyone. Prizes included winning funds for their club budgets. First place won $300.00, second place won $200, and 3rd place won $100.00. 

Some activities tributes participated in were Wordle, archery, obstacle courses, and limbo. For limbo, the competition was intense, with upwards of 50 participants bending backward to claim victory.

People seemed to be enjoying every activity, but archery was a stand-out challenge that a lot of smiling tributes after their turn.

“My favorite event was the archery,” Joelle emphasized.

Men’s Volleyball Club, Anime Club, and The Warriorettes were the night’s victors. 

PRSSA Members pose outside Archery Challenge (L-R: Xzy-Naye Campbell, Joelle Wolfrum, Nina Rodas) Picture credit: Emily Egan