Fireworks or Gunshots?

Street view of Hawthorn Suites. (Photo credit: ESU website).

Aliyah Williams
Copy Editor

ESU’s University Police were alerted to a call on Tuesday, March 21 around 4:30 a.m.

According to a release administered by the university, the loud noise was at first reported as possible gunshots and was heard in the area between the residence halls of Hawthorn and Lenape.

“Thinking it was gunshots at first, the sound startled my roommate and me out of our sleep,” said freshman Lauren Duyssen. “Once we saw what it was, we calmed down. Definitely spooked us though.”

Police have since conducted an investigation that led to the recovery of surveillance footage of the individuals and the remains of fireworks.

The university statement clarified that appropriate actions would be taken against the individuals that were responsible for the event.

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