ESU Students Celebrate Women’s History Month

Women's History Month March 2023 Women's History Month (Photo by Emily Egan/Canva)

Emily Egan 

Student Life Editor

According to Women’s History Month, March is described as a month commemorating and encouraging the study, observance, and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. 

Here at ESU, students are doing various things to support and promote women throughout the month. Some promote women-owned businesses, focus on their mental health, recognize leadership positions, and even contribute to women-focused philanthropy. 

Senior Anastasija Gligorevic restarted the Men’s Volleyball Club in 2021. She is the club’s first woman coach and recognizes how amazing of an opportunity that is.

“For Women’s History Month, I am continuing to run the ESU Men’s Volleyball Club that I reinstated as a woman, which is awesome… It’s a cool movement for me. Being a part of this club reminds me that a woman can do whatever a man can do,” commented Gligorevic, a biology pre-med major. 

Willow Jones is contributing and fundraising for various women-focused philanthropic events through her sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau. 

“For Women’s History Month, I will continue contributing my share to my sorority’s philanthropy, which is all about women’s wellness. This includes our upcoming clothing drive, collecting feminine products to donate to needy women, and collecting food,” says Jones, a junior communication major. 

An important aspect to note is how throughout history, women are often featured behind the scenes and without credit, especially in careers like biology, mathematics, mechanics, and engineering. Some students feel like ESU should do more to promote male-dominated careers to women.

“ESU should acknowledge this because it will empower the women that go here to start making things, to feel like they can voice their ideas; this will help make great things happen and promote inclusivity and empowerment to everybody on campus that identifies as a woman,” Gligorevic ended.

On the other hand, Karizma Washington is deservedly focusing on her own mental health this month.

“This month, I am focusing on me – finding peace, trying to stay motivated, and educating myself and others about women. Recently I had an interesting conversation with two male co-workers about women, specifically hair care for Black women, and all that we go through to look sociably acceptable,” explained Washington, a senior psychology major.

Washington continued to explain how she discussed everything with her coworkers, from getting her hair done to braids, wigs, sew-ins, wearing make-up, and the clothes she wears.

“This all influences how women are perceived in society, without thinking about how it affects our self-esteem,” she finalized.

All in all, ESU Students seem to be taking Women’s History Month in stride, hosting and participating in various activities to promote wellness and inclusivity for everyone who identifies as a woman.

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