ESU Spotlight: The Writing Studio

ESU Writing Studio Logo ESU Writing Studio Logo / Photo from ESU Website

Marissa Slowinski 

Opinion Editor 

The Writing Studio at East Stroudsburg University is a great resource for students to receive help on all things related to writing. From grammar and formatting to brainstorming and proofreading, The Writing Studio welcomes all questions and concerns. 

According to The Writing Studio website, there are writing tutors available to help with “brainstorming, understanding paper assignments, reviewing comments on graded work returned from faculty, or polishing any aspect of a paper from developing a focus to punctuation to citations.” 

“The Writing Studio was designed to be a creative space—much like an art studio where you craft your vision,” said Dr. Sandra Eckard, founder of The Writing Studio.

“Writing can be helpful for thinking about the world around you and can help you process information, so at the Studio, we strive to meet students where they are — in person, virtually, with helpful resources — so that they can gain confidence, practice skills, and ask questions so that they can bring their own vision to life,” Eckard continued.

Tutors can be found in person on the first floor of Kemp Library in the tutoring center in addition to online. Both in-person and online appointments can be made online via ESU’s Writing Studio Website

“The Writing Studio is a great environment to learn and the tutors are so nice and helpful,” emphasized Delany Hibbits, ESU student, and Stroud Courier Arts and Entertainment editor. 

The addition of online tutoring on Zoom has given students the option to get help in the comfort of their own homes, or wherever else might be convenient. This is very helpful for commuter students or people going home for a few days with an assignment due date fast approaching.

Student and tutor Sophia Gambill stressed the point of how virtual tutoring has helped her progress in her studies. 

“As a student, I always found it hard to go to in-person tutoring. I found it intimidating and stressful. As someone with a busy schedule, I also found it challenging to get to in-person appointments. The virtual writing studio is a game changer in both respects. You can sign on for writing help from anywhere. Also, it takes away the pressure of going to get help in person. You can sit in a comfortable, stress-free place of your choosing and receive one-on-one assistance from a writing tutor,” said Gambill.

Dr. Eckard has created the overall feeling of the Writing Studio space to be large and comfortable, making for a quiet environment that encourages productivity.

Additionally, various different hand-outs can be picked up at The Writing Studio, or found on their website. Hand-outs include resources on formatting, grammar, and the physical construction of a paper.

Tutors are available Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 3 P.M. to 8 P.M., and Wednesdays from 3 P.M. to 8 P.M., and 9 P.M. to 11 P.M. 

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