Spring Jam Extravaganza 2023

Spring Jam Extravaganza Spring Jam Extravaganza 2023 / Image by: Emily Egan

Emily Egan 

Student Life Editor

Temperatures were high on April 13, but so were the spirits of students. ESU students did not let the heat stop them from having a blast at 2023’s Spring Jam Extravaganza event. 

Students congregated on Shawnee Quad for four hours, eating free food, playing on moonbounces and participating in various activities. 

Many clubs at Spring Jam had tables to promote their upcoming events and hoped to snag new members.

People were getting their faces painted by the Artists Guild Club, buying tie-dyed t-shirts from WESS members and even collecting plants from the Environmental Club.

“This is a great opportunity for clubs to come out, promote the events they’re having, and promote new membership for upcoming freshmen or people coming back to ESU next year,” voiced Dr. Sarah Everett, 90.3 WESS faculty advisor and communications professor. 

Spring Jam Extravaganza was co-sponsored by 90.3 WESS – ESU’s on-campus radio station – and ESU’s Student Activity Association.

“Spring Jam isn’t just any ordinary event just for the radio station; it’s an opportunity for clubs to come together, for people to mingle, and for people to take a moment and enjoy the day,” said Riley Sardinha, Stroud Courier Editor-In-Chief and 90.3 WESS Music Director.

One duty 90.3 WESS had was recruiting bands to play. Many talented bands played, including The Guest Forms, MUSHHH, The Holy Roasters, and headliners We’re From Antarctica. The event opened up with a wonderful performance by one of ESU’s very own.

“I was so glad WESS Radio Station asked me to perform in their Spring Jam,” exclaimed Rachel Bailey, ESU freshman and Spring Jam performer. “It was a really great event, and I loved the way everyone interacted with each other; It was great having ESU organizations and local businesses represented at the event!”

Spring Jam Extravaganza was designed to be a fun, relaxing day for the entire ESU community. As we wrap up the school year and head into finals week, it’s important to have these events to help students not hyper-focus on school.

“I think it’s important to have Spring Jam to take the stress off everybody for a day…show them that even though you may be stressed about school, you can still just be a person and socialize with people,” emphasized Liam Kieselbach, future 90.3 WESS Station Manager. 

“It’s important to show that college isn’t all just doing schoolwork all the time,” Kieselbach finished.

Spring Jam Extravaganza is an annual ESU tradition, but this is the first year celebrating with live music. WESS hopes to partner with SAA for next year’s Spring Jam to bring even more bands (and laughs) to ESU. 

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