The Rookie Returns For Season Six

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Delaney Hibbits

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Some of the longest shows that have been on air are “NCIS,” “Criminal Minds,” and “Law and Order.” Each series relates to the police force, solving crimes and the legal side of crimes. One of the newer and more popular television shows is “The Rookie.”

“The Rookie” centers on the LAPD and the new officers who are trying to succeed in their careers. The first season focuses on Officers Nolan, Chen and Jackson as well as their training officers.

The main cast includes Nathan Fillion, Eric Winter, Melissa O’Neill, Alyssa Diaz and Mekia Cox.

Every episode has some type of crime storyline while including entertainment such as romance and loss. There are slow-burning couples as well as hurtful deaths.

Season one aired in 2018 and has received massive success in the public eye. Following Officer John Nolan in his quest to find himself has been personal and entertaining. Watching Officer Lucy Chen prove herself has been motivating to view. Staying with Officer Jackson West as he fights to be his own person has been inspirational and comforting.

Overall, knowing that “The Rookie” has been renewed for season six brings happiness to all audiences. With the constant cliffhangers and funny plots, there was little doubt about whether the show would come back. 

The series is released on ABC every week as well as on Hulu. Each episode averages forty to sixty minutes. The season five finale will be released on May 2. It can be expected to end on a happy note or a stressful cliffhanger.

When it comes to renewing shows, certain networks prevail while others fall short. For example, Netflix has yet to stop receiving hate for canceling “Julie and the Phantoms.” However, “Grey’s Anatomy” continues to come back making sure long-term fans stay happy.

“The Rookie” is popular among all ages, specifically 18-49. It touches on old and current topics such as police brutality, drug use, gang violence and more. Realistically or not, the show is watched by many and enjoyed on a regular basis.

With such a loved show, there is bound to be crossover and spin-off. Season one of “The Rookie: Feds” is similar to the beginning of “The Rookie.” Both main characters have a small shot to make it yet they prove they belong in their respective fields. 

Since the announcement of renewal has only come a few days ago, there is no news on the main storylines. Audiences can expect romance, laughter, stress and hurt. Characters will be tested and viewers will be on edge. With this in mind, “The Rookie” seems to be one of the better shows at this time.