The V Foundation and Delta Chi’s Promise

The table advertising for the event (Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez)

Table with a banner of the V Foundation held down by five jars with each volenteers face glued to them

Gabriel Gonzalez

Student Life Editor

If you’ve been between the Union Walkway and Stroud Hall anytime recently, you might’ve noticed members of Delta Chi stating a promise: Donate 1,500 dollars and we shave our heads.

Why, you might ask? The V Foundation founded by legendary basketball coach, Jim Valano, has dedicated itself to cancer research for the past 30 years, awarding over 310 million dollars in grants all across the nation.

Delta Chi, aware of the impact cancer can have on the individual, familial and communal level, have decided to sacrifice their luscious hair for the greater good.

But there is a deadline. Not for donations, but for the shaving. Come Monday, Oct. 23, if the goal of 1,500 is not reached, only one of the five will be shaving their hair.

How can this be avoided? Donate! Venmo and other online payment services will be taken until Oct. 22, and cash donated directly will not be taken after Oct. 20.


Poster depicting meeting information with a cartoon barber pole holding scissors
Posted on Delta Chi’s Instagram promoting the event

To donate online you can send donations via online paying service to these accounts.

Venmo: JoeyMerkel-

Cashapp: JoeyMerkel1

To donate in person: You can meet them between the Stroud Hall and the Union Walkway by the sky bridge, where they will be taking donations this Friday.

Every 10-dollar donation is rewarded with a bracelet.

If the goal is met they will be conducting the shaving on Instagram live with their account: and in person in between Stroud Hall and the Union Walkway at the decided date. from 12 to 2.

Time is running out. And many students want to see them have a… close… shave!