ESU’s Enrollment Rises Again

The ESU Sign at the front of campus (Credit: Sean Selback)

Sean Selback

News Editor

For the second year in a row, ESU’s enrollment has increased.

With 1,400 first-time undergraduate students, and 361 new transfers, ESU is seeing over a six percent increase(5,463 total students) in enrollment compared to last year’s enrollment numbers (2022).

According to Dr. Lorna Hunter, ESU’s Vice President of Enrollment Management, the growth of ESU’s enrollment over the past two years is due, in large part, to greater outreach and marketing efforts directed toward potential students, as well as easier, more effective online applications.

ESU’s newly inaugurated president, Kenneth Long, credits faculty, academic department staff and facilities management, as well as students involved in orientation or other recruitment related programs for their successful year of enrollment.

ESU and the ESU Foundation offer over 100 scholarship opportunities. Merit, athletic, financial relief, and race-based scholarships are just a few of the many potential paths an ESU student, or potential ESU student, can take to lessen the financial burden of college. ESU also encourages a few different external methods of acquiring scholarships to help fund tuition costs. For more information on financial assistance at ESU, visit ESU’s Financial Aid page.

Much like the rest of the country, ESU’s enrollment was negatively impacted in a significant way due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, unlike a lot of other universities throughout the country, ESU has slowly been able to start reversing the negative effects enrollment has faced since 2020.