This Week in History: It’s the Final Countdown!

Aliyah Williams


The following story was published by Stroud Courier staff writer Kate Conklin on Nov. 29, 2012.

Only critical style issues have been changed.

Finals week is right around the corner – that dreaded fifteen-week mark. 

It is a stressful time in any college student’s life. As long as you create a strategic study plan, stay organized, healthy and get a decent amount of sleep, you will soar through finals week with flying colors. 

Since I am approaching my eighth time taking finals in college, I have some experience with this subject and have comprised a step-by-step guide of tips to help students ace their finals.

1. Get Organized

Notebooks and binders can get severely out of hand by the end of the semester. Put all of your papers and notes in chronological order; this will make it much easier to go back in your notes and find specific information. 

2. Create a Study Guide

Make a study guide for each class. Some professors will make one for you. 

Fill it out in detail, but also skim over the rest of your notes once or twice in case the study guide is missing anything.

To make your own study guide, pick out all of the emphasized points in your notes. Then go through your textbook to elaborate and gather a better understanding of the information. 

3. Switch It Up

Do not study for one subject all day; you will wear yourself out. 

Look over one study guide for two hours, maximum. Then, switch to a different subject. This will keep things fresh and less monotonous. 

4. Take a Break

Studying all day will completely drain you. De-stress, go to the gym, watch an hour of TV or talk to a friend. 

Take at least two breaks a day or you will not be able to focus.

No one has that kind of studying endurance.

5. Get Sleep

Pulling an all-nighter may seem like a good idea at the time, but it will hurt you in the long run. 

Not getting the proper amount of sleep will make it very difficult to concentrate when it is time to actually take your final. It is important to try to get about eight hours of sleep the night before your test.

6. Wake Up

Finals week is not the time to sleep in. Go to bed at a decent hour. Wake up with enough time to get ready, eat a healthy, filling breakfast and look over your study guide a few more times.

By following these six steps you should have a successful and less stressful finals week. 

Finals week is coming up Warriors!

These tips and tricks are still very relevant today, and it is important to maximize your studying and healthy habits in order to perform well on your finals.