Upcoming: ESU Involvement Fair

Viansa Bastidas

Contributing Writer

ESU is holding its annual two-day Involvement Fair event for Spring of 2024 hosted by the Student Government Association.

All students are encouraged to come to meet ESU’s various student-based organizations that are held on campus each semester. This event is to be held on Tuesday, Jan. 30, and Thursday, Feb. 1, from 2-4 p.m. This event will be located on the first floor in the Science and Technology (Sci-Tech) building.

There will be 40 student organizations held each day for students to interact and ask questions about their association and how to join if interested. Various snacks and drinks will be provided each day during the events, which will be free to all attendees and organizations to enjoy.

This student-organized event is an easy way to make connections with like-minded individuals who have similar interests in either career goals or personal pleasure and hobbies. There will be a wide range of clubs, from academics and career, media, multicultural, performing arts, social fraternities and sororities and sports and recreational organizations.

One specific student organization is making its debut at the Involvement Fair this Tuesday. It is exciting to gather like-minded men and women involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Women in STEM will be appearing at the fair, as their first year running as an official club.

“Women in STEM and Supporters was created to form a common space to support those disadvantaged by the present gender gap in STEM majors and career fields,” said Sarah MacIntire, the treasurer for Women in STEM.

“Our mission is to bring awareness to this issue to create a more inclusive environment for everyone pursuing a future in STEM. To promote our newly reactivated club, we’ll be at the Involvement Fair on Tuesday, and we’re excited to welcome new members!”

Women in STEM is an organization that was formally recognized for a Certificate of Recognition in 2020 and 2021 for “Women in Information Technology” that was dedicated to the officers of the time who maintained an active club during the Global Pandemic by the Student Activity Association and was given a certificate for their recognition.

This event is free for all students to come each day, with different clubs and organizations on both dates. With each organization holding only 40 groups of extracurriculars, students won’t want to miss out on the unique and inclusive clubs ESU has to offer.

To get an expansive list of the different types of clubs and student organizations that ESU has to offer, visit WarriorLink.