ESU Fashion: “Backpack Attack”

SC Staff Writer

It’s back to school time and everyone on campus is worried about what fashion trends will be set for the semester.

The one thing that will never go away is the classic book bag trend. Book bags are seen everywhere. Whether you are in class, in the Student Union or just strolling along Normal Street, you are bound to see an East Stroudsburg University (ESU) student sporting a backpack.

Even better, most students take full advantage of both straps.

Both guys and girls love these fashionable book holders. They can add personal flair to a person’s everyday attire.

Backpacks come in all different colors, patterns, brands and even shapes. I have seen a student with a turtle shell book bag, or even a bear shaped one.

Jansport seems to be the brand of choice, and it is also sold in the ESU bookstore incase anyone forgot to get one over the summer.

Guys tend to go with the classic neutral colors such as black, tan, and gray, but those with flair go for red or blue.

Girls on campus love to have fun with their backpacks. I’ve spotted neon book bags, floral patterned, regular colors, and, my personal favorite, stripes. I have seen an increase in tan leather strapped pack bags that can be versatile for all seasons and go with any outfit choice.

From new freshman to old seniors, everyone on campus is rocking a backpack to carry their stuff to class. Backpacks are better than anything else because they can hold all your basic needs for your full day on campus.

My advice is that if you are not carrying a backpack now, get one as soon as possible. You will not regret getting a backpack that can last you all four years of college. This is one trend for ESU students that is here to stay!

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