Strunky’s Pub: A Five Star Dive Bar

New renovations at Strunky's Pub. Photo Credit / Alexandra Pliska
New renovations at Strunky's Pub. Photo Credit / Alexandra Pliska
New renovations at Strunky’s Pub.
Photo Credit / Alexandra Pliska

SC Staff Writer

Down on Crystal Street, right across from Trackside Bar and Grill, is a town bar that is just waiting to become popular among ESU students.

Strunky’s Pub, previously known as Shorty’s Place, has made many renovations to get rid of its old, rough image.

Georgia Strunk, the new owner, had a lot to say about the reopening of the bar. Her father owned Shorty’s for thirty years, but retired from the bar last year.

In July of 2012, Strunk took over the business and changed the name to Strunky’s to gain a better reputation within the community.

It has always been in the family and that is one aspect that the Strunks would like to maintain. Strunk’s younger son built all the new wooden high top tables that now take up the bar area. Their new goal is to not only cater to the locals, but also bring in a younger crowd.

“To run a successful business, you have to cater to all people and keep a happy combination,” said Strunk. “The bar cannot rely on a good income if they just catered to one specific group because they would never make it.”

Starting on September 5,  2013, Strunky’s has had a pregame party Thursday through Saturday. With $1 domestic pints and $2 feature drinks, everyone started coming to see what this “Five Star Dive Bar” was all about. They also feature $1.50 frozen shots that are absolutely delicious.

Strunky’s is really trying to improve how the community views them.

On Tuesday nights, they started a dart league and already have two teams that compete against the other local bars. They are also hoping to sponsor a bowling team and a softball team in the spring.

Many renovations have been made to the bar because its look was 30 years outdated. New hardwood floors were put in, which the family stained themselves. They are also looking to expand the bar into two larger rooms to accommodate more people. In November they hope to have the kitchen up and running to serve typical bar food to their customers.

With the start of football season, Strunky’s is on their A-game and have Redzone on their TVs. For those who may not know, Redzone is a feature that allows viewers to see teams that are in the position of scoring during whatever game. The screen can split into up to four separate segments to show fans what team is about to score.

Overall, Strunky’s is a good time. Not only do they offer a great take out business but it is also fun to hang around. It is within walking distance of campus so no cabs are needed to go have fun on the weekend. The fun and friendly atmosphere provides customers with a home- like feel.

If you are looking for a new place to hang out with your friends and have affordable drinks, Strunky’s is the place to be!

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